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  1. So is this kit offered off the shelf now? Did anyone get pricing on a group buy?
  2. Does anyone have a cross reference for the oil cap on an Esprit V8? The ratcheting portion on mine broke trying to get it off one afternoon after a drive.
  3. I feel like one could make things easier by getting a diagram from the Esprit manual and just make a patch harness to get the wiring part of the puzzle figured out. I honestly considered buying this and putting it in a GM case that has the same connector as the Esprit. Then you essentially have a plug and play unit that fits in the factory spot and uses the factory wiring harness. I'm thinking most of the sensors were GM anyways and those should translate right over. I actually thought there was an IAT sensor already on the engine. I run MS3Pro on another project, that's the only reason I'd consider going down this route. I don't have a real reason to start the project of figuring all this out right now. But I am more than willing to collaborate ideas with the group.
  4. It was a error on my part. Had the antenna plugged into the wrong port on the alarm unit. Explains why when I finally got the fobs programmed it would only respond about a foot from the car. Got it in the right port and all functions as normal. Thanks though!!
  5. Bringing up this post, as I can't get any of the fobs to work. Same situation as this. I can use the immobilizer key to disable the alarm and start the car, but the fob won't work. I have 2 fobs with new batteries in them and I go through the sequence to sync them and the lights do as they're supposed to. However when I turn off the ignition, neither do anything. I don't understand what's wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Chiming in as another user successfully using this software. Thanks Peter!!
  7. oops sorry lol. Need to update, I have a 2001 Esprit *updated*
  8. Just found that mine was leaking...what's the count on this?
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