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  1. It's not the handbrake lever. I think it's just stuck or seized. I drove my car on a really hot day and drove it to the bottom of the tank. I parked the car while it was in first gear with the clutch in and that i pushed the lever when the engine was off and i think this might make it stick. The funny thing is that i can drive forward,i just can't reverse but im stuck somewhat in a driveway. I looked under the back wheels and the hand brake was pushed in even when i released the handbrake.
  2. opps, i mean the Parking Brake. The problem i have is that the rear parking brake is still on when i pushed it off/down or it could be the alignment and the parking brake hose looks abit bent.
  3. I took the esprit on a trip and ran really low on the gas meter. When i try to restart the engine, the car won't reverse, it feels like the e-brake is stuck on. I put in 2L of gas and the e brake still feels stuck or the brakes because the car won't roll back on a slight hill when the car is in neutral. I can drive into first, but i can't reverse.
  4. I currently have a Us spec ecu and only getting 0.3 boost and need the upgrade. I'm also looking to buy or trade for any upgrade front shocks from my current stock ones. I also have the rear shocks, catylyst converters, exhaust muffler if anyone wants to trade.
  5. You could get an idle valve, but thats for people with high idles.
  6. i have a pair off a 97, should fit 90se as well.
  7. was some white man magic. The local mechanic forgot to ground a wire.....OMFG
  8. check my thread in the exhaust section for v8 for the pics i have posted!. Im selling it for $250 or 180 pounds. Shipping could be a lil costly around $100 since im in North america
  9. Oh no, it's still happening with the drl relay out. My start motor relay inside the hood of the car is ticking when the car is shut off and thats the root of the problem because the ticking noise is turning the start motor on and i pulled the relay out and the car wont shut off. "
  10. Thanks for the input guys, i put on a relay for my daytime lights and for some reason the relay for the start motor keeps beeping like a time bomb and won't shut off, which is the reason for the disengagement problem. Good thing is that it only happened about 3-4 times and i shut the motor off right away. The ticking noise is gone as i have removed the drl relay. The only concern i have is damage to the starter motor because it cost quite a bit for such a lil thing. The car still works fine right now, so i would assume the starter motor is still ok.
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