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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone. Very much appreciated. It's certainly a fuel tank issue for me. I'll be sending it off for restoration (cheaper than replacing it). I'm glad that there's a forum full of interested people with good information to share!
  2. Hello. I just recently purchased a 1994 Esprit S4 Turbo. I absolutely LOVE it, but, I'm very concerned at the moment about a fuel leak and a strong fuel smell that has been occuring. I've been reading the info available in the Fact Files and Forums, and it's certainly gotten me pointed in the right direction, but, I'm needing a bit more targeted guidance before I can proceed further. I hope someone here can help me? Here's the data I've been able to collect so far: 1) Strong fuel smell that can be detected outside of vehicle, and an even STRONGER fuel smell inside the cabin. The sme
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