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  2. On my 2003 its in engine compartment behind the passenger side panel where the ECU is located.
  3. check this link:
  4. Done and working like a charm now. The part comes with the entire wire harness, which was nice but the reason the part was so damn expensive.
  5. Sorted it out. Didn't need to remove the entire console as some people have said would need to be done. I simply removed the AC control cover plate and then had access to the switches and removed them. Hopefully these pictures can help someone in the future.
  6. How bout we get back to the post! Need some help guys? Need to get to the Switch ANYONE got some insight?
  7. Sorry bout that. Just assumed it was readily available considering you can find most pages on most sites.
  8. I sorted out the AC issue I was having and I believe its either a loose wire or a faulty switch. It kicks on intermittently when I'm working on it. I need to pull the whole face plate off. I got the top with the AC vents off ( Part 5) and the radio removed and the 2 screws out under the tray on the bottom ( part 15 ) but do I have to remove the whole cover around the shifter ( Part 6 & 8 ) to get it off? Anyone done this ? If anyone can lend a hand in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks as always guys.
  9. Would love to download this but the link is bad. Is there a new a new location. Thanks much Marc
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