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  1. Really? Really? I thought the Aventador look like a re-hashed version of the Revention a Murci with a body kit or otherwise - crap, Sorry my brother loved it at the GFOS but i thought it looked old and crap, at least 10 years old (sorry but it did and the body style was very used, they should have tried for a more dynamic future not a re-hash). of the whole event the only 2 cars looked good were the Esprit and he Mclaren MP4 12-c Way better than the lambo crap....Sory but a big fan of Lambo's but was expecting much more (not a Murci with sharper edges)
  2. Well you have a pretty much awesome collection already my friend. I had a 911 GT3 (Mk1) new in 99 and an awesome car it was but got the 340R in 2000 and a Audi S4 2001 and then the Sport 300 also in 2001 so felt the Porsche was a little too easy to live wit so sold it (for a £30K loss), great car though, will be a real classic and possibly the next 911 2.7RS
  3. As Hong Kong Phoey would say, could be? Potentially looking at selling due to personal reasons (it's a bit of as long story) , but it is an amazing car so very hard to let go.
  4. Hi Bibs I left you a few messages and an email, but you never replied, where's the love gone How's life with the Evora? Russ
  5. What about the Silver Esprit Turbo (or could have been an SE) in the Highwayman TV series which he kept in the back of his truck? Or was that quoted
  6. Pricey, maybe but to be honest the guide price of Octane and many other classic mags are usually way off real prices offered. I took a quick look at Jensen CV8 prices on the web which places them in the £20,000+ mark double what the guide says for example: as for Esprit Sport 300's recently sold: UK car now sold. and which in the thread, mentioned is now sold. so price reduced and sold for $80,000.00 AUD = £51,795.78 GBP I guess with anything really rare it's based on supply and demand, I did read in either Classic and Sports Car or Classic Cars that the next big mover in prices will be 80's and 90's mid engined supercars and had a picture of a GT3 Esprit which is a good news for all us owners
  7. Love it and the dudes replay is Epic and so true. funnily enough I also have a Jeep Cherokee XJ 1995 and it's fucking awesome, fantastic off road, makes mince meat of the snow and easy to fix (I have already rebuilt all of the flooring, brakes and otherparts and it just keeps on going, including towing a 911 Turbo (935 ) and trailer for about 500 miles and never missed a beat. I have 4 cars (did have 5) and the Jeep is the one I use everyday. Most likely because of its versitility and if you park it somewhere no one will touch it or damage it (that or after the amount of off roading I do, I guess I wont notice it. Great vehicles I would recomend them
  8. I kinda like like it and is probably the most exciting Ferrari since the F40 or 288 GTO (ok the F50 was pretty good but lacked progress from the F40). The Enzo did nothing for me and I really don't care about that car and would never bother to own one no matter how rich I got
  9. Yep and a V12 Boat anchour in the back, anyone whom has driven a XJ15 will tell you that it has crap handling due to the weight of the huge V12 Engine in the back a V6 Turbo is so much lighter and aids the XJ220 as having fantastic handling and a great Nberg Pace ande press praised handling way above anything that came before
  10. Any idea how many in total have made to date?
  11. Over £105,000 now and still climbing. Still worth much more in my eyes Good Luck and personally I hope you decide to keep it after all of the hard work that you have put into it, otherwise I hope that you get a great price for it. I'm quite tempted myself
  12. No, after Kenny convinces Satan to stand up to Saddam, Satan returns every thing back to normal before the war between Canda and the US, (including the Baldwins and arquettes) and then Kenny whom died before the War gets to get in to Heaven (not the Gay club, but the place in the sky).
  13. I would have thought the Elan (looking to be effectively a rebodied and re-engineed Evora) would also be developed in addition to the Elise replacement
  14. PM sent Bibs so hope you got it but as no reply please let me know if you need more info, thanks Russ
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