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  1. Mike, i think i have to wait until Sept 5th next year then the Radium gets purchased, Alpine gets binned then its all good to go. Peter like you I've had many parts replaced to be honest i don't have an issue with this. My point is to Lotus... don't just ditch existing customers because you are chasing a "new breed" and also don't forget your dealers and independents who have done much to make the name it is. I don't want to sit in a plush Jaguar type showroom i want to talk to people who understand the brand, the car and its customers. i want to know i can get that tweak here and get that tweak there to improve what i have. I did 150k miles in my Excel and it got better year on year until it went. If DB wants to turn Lotus into a Porsche then its simple i will just go and buy one because they have been doing what they do a lot better and longer than Lotus have.
  2. Allan at 61k for my car I didnt intend to be a test driver when I purchased especially as it's the most expensive customer car Lotus had made at the time. BMW, Porsche etc make a lot more cars and have bigger ranges than Lotus I have only ever had 1 part for the car as an upgrade which was the towing hook and to be fair a ECU upgrade but only the result of a flat spot the car had. I waited just under 24 months for a replacement seat. I have owned several models of Lotus cars over the last 20-25 years so i know the crack .... My point was that Lotus should make the improvements available to existing owners at a reasonable cost and keep them informed. I would like to see them offer a air box mod which would take the car easily to 300 Bph with the sports exhaust and a retrofit for the piece of poo called Alpine. Then those of us who are going to take a big hit in depreciation can keep and enjoy our cars further.
  3. After committing 1 year ahead of the car being launched and receiving the 3rd customer car Lotus stab all of us LE owners in the back and tell the world that they have improved the by making 143 enhancements! Then Mr Bahar goes in print and says there are 190 issues! Perhaps Mr Bahar should go vista his dealers and actually meet the customers of the cars he is selling to understand the Brand and what it has meant up until now. I have been a loyal Lotus owner for the last 20 years and will never buy a new Lotus again. Many manufactures improve the cars but not many detail every flipping nut and bolt thats been replaced! Imagine when you want to sell your car what the question will be? Guess which cars people will want to avoid? I for one am happy with my car apart from the drive train and the crappy Alpine and once out of warranty will look to enhance it when i can.\ Lotus have missed the trick by not looking after its existing customers by offering subsided improvements to the Evora like it did with the Elise SjrN
  4. i had the very same impression I also have a LE with sports exhaust and believe with the lasted G ecru the car is much better and responsive now. I don't think its worth the extra premium.
  5. Doulas i have to agree with you after being a out and out Lotus fan and buyer for many years and investing in their most expensive car from new i cant say im happy about the fact only a year later they completely revise the car and it costs the same as my LE version. Lotus would do well to listen to current Evora owners and look at a upgrade package . I for one am not particularly interested in a super charger but would gladly spend a small figure on an engine remap upgrade say to 300 hp after spending the additional i have on the sports exhaust which the car badly needed. Also the new Pirellis currently fitted to the S. If this were available i would be quite happy keeping the LE for 4 years until something else comes out or my other option would be to get out of the car now and look at other marques for once.
  6. Just found out today the replacement blackbird unit map display is stuck in France howvere the GPS indicates its working. Cant beleive they gave it back to me like that and even motre annoyed its taken me this long to find out. Although i live on the iow i do know my way home from B&C Unit wont see a firmware update from Alpine .... Its just pure utter crap.... I have a tom tom on my iphone as a app! which works perfectly
  7. Hey Mat, Yeah i pod used in boat and LR3 works fine. Alpine sees it but not all the time There is a sub in the back in the back on Drivers side as passenger side has fuses The sound is crap and imprint is crap It really wouldnt have taken a lot to improve however the concept is good I shall be looking to some options from a specialist shortly Lotus are to replace drivers side speaker as it is buzzing just like in B&CS dealer car
  8. Picked mine up in Sept biggest issue i have is the Alpine unit The concept is good but in practice it is pure crap Reception is poor Operation is unreliable A replacement blackbird unit has been fitted by B&C but it is still not right it still fails to see the Ipod A 60k car this day and age trying to do what the Evora is doing should have 4 speakers and a Sub The evora only has 2 in the front door and no amount of imprint makes the sound good when youve finished blatting around and want to enjoy the relaxed element which ythis car does very well. Seats are very easy to scuff mine scuffed on the way home from delivery and i dont wear jeans Sports Exhaust now fitted Grin permenant
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