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    Lotus. Wine Women and Song

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    Clive Fletcher
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    1978 LOTUS ELITE 504, SAAB 9-5 Aero, 1991 Elan M100
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    S/S brake hoses, adjustable shocks, MX5 headlight motors, Accuspark electronic ignition,twin revotec cooling fans, solid state fuel pump, greenstuff brake pads, plus more to do.
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    Mundford Norfolk
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  1. clivef38

    January meet on 21st at BiH

    Paul said he was coming. 3
  2. clivef38

    Gearbox replacement

    Boy that's costly.
  3. clivef38

    Euro question - 23rd June

    No deal. Out out out. That's what i voted for.
  4. Hi what year etc 501, 502, 503, 504, Also any pics. All the best Clive
  5. clivef38

    January meet on 21st at BiH

    Jan 21st is fine for me.
  6. Is there going to be a meet on the 21st. I will be there just in case some new members turn up. Cabin fever as well.
  7. clivef38

    Engine sound

    Does not sound to good to me. As the tappets are shimmed and not hydraulic they should be almost silent from the start. I did a engine out top end rebuild last year on my Elite 504 and hardly any tappet noise.
  8. clivef38

    December Meet

    First Thursday is no good for me. Any other Thursday is fine.As Phil says i will not do politics either . I will park were i choose.
  9. clivef38

    December Meet

    Could we change the night as it's not going to effect to many folks as not to many come on a regular basis.
  10. clivef38

    December Meet

    Three of us made it. Nice relaxed evening.
  11. clivef38

    December Meet

    Yes sorry. Third Monday 17th. Suffering from Brexit overload. 😂 Alcohol needed.
  12. clivef38

    December Meet

    The bird in the hand Wreningham not far from the Lotus factory . Third Thursday of the month. from about 19.00. Keep an eye this topic as this time of year we all have things going on. I went once and was the only one there! Regards Clive
  13. clivef38

    December Meet

    I think i can make it as things stand
  14. clivef38

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Reminds me of the millennium bug scare. we are still here. Tell the EU to get stuffed.
  15. clivef38

    Euro question - 23rd June

    I'm now wishing my parents had been ten pound poms. I could have got my grand kids away from two faced lying bas""""rd politicians.