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  1. Elan at GTS to be sorted. Need to get on with Elite now. I think i'm going to sell it too concentrate on the Elite.
  2. No not for a couple of years. It failed on emissions. 6%
  3. Hi all. My self and Paul Houlgate have been to the last two meetings with club lotus. We found them very friendly. and are trying to arrange runs out etc. Good mix of cars and partners as well. I will be there in the Elan if it passes it's MOT today if not it will be the Saab but i will be there.
  4. Hi Ant thats total. Just fitted a new steering rack. Rear toe should be ok.
  5. Hi all. Looking at the workshop manual the front wheel tracking on my Elite 504 is three MM toe in. Seems a lot. Anyone had there's set to this without problems. Thanks for any info. Clive
  6. As a mechanic and have to work on second hand so called modern tech. We are told by the management to not go on road test without a phone. I live in the sticks so the amount of time is short that it would be of any good. Dont trust trust it.
  7. There were three TLF members last night. Pleasant evening.
  8. I will be going along with Paul H. Anyone else going ? Last month was quite enjoyable they seem an active club. A few runs out etc.
  9. I have been told that a guy at Hylton Gott near Downham Market is good with GRP. My Elite needs paint so was going to find out. Off ill for a couple of weeks so might go and find out.
  10. Three of us met up with the members from Club Lotus. A very pleasant evening ,good banter and they seem to be quite active.I will go to there next meeting to see how it goes.
  11. There was no mention of where the original wheels came from.
  12. Got the Elite up and running. Not perfect but what the hell will be taxed as from first of March. So if you see an Elite 504 on the back of a recovery it might be mine. LOL
  13. When i see modern X box racers driving in other forms of racing then i might start to respect them.
  14. Maybe slightly off topic but has any one used foam board to fix head lining behind the cant rails. ? And will the head lining glue to the foam board once given a slight rub over to make a key for the glue. Clive
  15. Hi Ant. Long time no see, hope is all well with you and the family. All the best Clive.

  16. My Elite 504 should be on the road again for Feb 1st so looking forward to something.
  17. clivef38


    Sorry this is a very late reply. Just passing time going through some old posts. And found i did not reply to you so please accept my late apology Dave. All the best Clive.
  18. No deal. Out out out. That's what i voted for.
  19. Hi what year etc 501, 502, 503, 504, Also any pics. All the best Clive
  20. Is there going to be a meet on the 21st. I will be there just in case some new members turn up. Cabin fever as well.
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