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  1. Thanks Simon i will try it. pics. Still no go. I will see if i can find a 5 year old to show me. Funny i have not had this problem before. IE ebay and other sites?
  2. Help i am trying upload some pictures but it will not let me it says upload skipped [this file was too big to upload]
  3. Hi all. I spotted this 1978 Elite 504 on ebay just before Christmas 2009. So in went the bid and fortunatly it ended on a Saturday i was not working, so i could sit in front of my pc. Yes i its mine. Next how do i get it back from Doncaster. I had not seen the car so i supose a trailer would have made sense, so i went up with a mate and an A frame. We towed it out of the guys garage backwards and pumped up two tyres. Next i jacked it up and undid the propshaft at the same time looking at the chassis. It looked ok as it was still the origanal. {Sorry about the spelling } So one week before Xmas this Elite was doing 60+ mph on its way back to Norfolk. It was fun watching peoples faces as this SAAB passed them being tailgated by a Lotus. Here are some odd pics. [ if i can get them on that is. As an old fart this computer stuff can be a pain.]
  4. Thanks Guys. Looks like Lotusbits come to the rescue again.
  5. Hi All. Does anyone know what front brake discs are fitted to a 1978 Elite 504. They must come from another vehicle. As of yet i cant find out what. Also while im on here can anyone recomend who to get to fit a new windscreen. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi SORRY Paul. To much going on. Yes i do have a pancake alternater. I dont know if its any good though. I cant see any numbers on it that make sense. You are welcome to it if you want to pick it up. Once again sorry for taking so long to reply. Regards Clive
  7. I think i have got one in my garage. i will look and let you know.
  8. Thanks for the info guys. I wll sort them out this week.
  9. Hi all. Does anyone know what else the support struts for the rear window of a 1978 Elite 504 are used on. At the moment i have to use mole grips to hold the release pull knob and then run round and lever the window open. Then a bit of wood holds it up. Not a good advert.
  10. Evora as a four seater? Have you tried to sit in the back of one.? I tried when i worked there at Hethel and even with the front seats removed you would not want to go around the block in the back. Still a great car. And by the way i no longer work there. the job was great but the moneys crap. i now have a crap job with great money! Funny old world.
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