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  1. You can add my name in please. Subject dates etc. Clive
  2. Thank guys. We have a meeting next Monday so will pass this info on. Clive
  3. Having a lot of members getting on they are finding it hard to get info on meetings, Is there any chance of setting up some form notification of someone posting a post or notice to be highlighted. clive
  4. The loos were great. I do a few classic car shows a year and they were much better than any where else including the Goodwood revival. I had to use the park and ride as i was late getting tickets.but it worked well from Snetterton.The food and drink at sensible prices as well..How well the grandstand would have worked if it had rained i don't know.They did start calling park and ride bus people well before 4.30 which put us under pressure to get one as the record attempt was still under way. All in all a well organised event. The weather could have changed the whole day as shelter could have been a problem when wanting to eat. Still a fantastic day. Clive
  5. Hi all. I know this an early call after a great event at Hethel ,but it would be nice to see some old friends before winter sets in. BTH on the 15th of October. At the moment i see no reason why i cant be there. Clive
  6. Is this the only park and ride or is there another one when coming from the south?
  7. Silly question did you do the water pump at the same time? Nice looking car enjoy. Mine does not leak as long as it does not rain. Great this summer. LOL
  8. Welcome. Nice looking car enjoy. You and Buddsy should get on well.😀 CLIVE
  9. That's the way to go then. Cheers.
  10. Next thing is do i tax it before winter or wait to become tax free. Can you still get 6 months tax? Made November 1978 reg 1st Jan 1979.
  11. Elite just passed it's MOT after two years off the road. Fifty pence shape tyrers but once warmed up were round again. Happy bunny.
  12. Four of us made it. One Lotus.😟 One other Lotus but he had his baseball cap on backwards with his mate. .Did not park next M100 and probably had no idea it was a Lotus.
  13. Who's up for the meeting on Monday this month. Bird in the hand. Only two last month. Kids are back at school and most will be back off holiday. 17th.
  14. Hi all, Does anyone know if the auto gearbox mounting can be changed without removing the box. Thanks in advance. Clive
  15. Two of us made it myself and Paul Chapman. only stayed until 9.00.
  16. Is anyone going to TBH tomorrow? I know lots of people are on holiday but i dont want to be billy no mates. It seems that less members are going each month so is it time to give it up? 40 mins each way for a pint on your own.!!!
  17. Sorry Phil I will be on holiday at the time. Shame to miss it. I hope it goes well. All the best Clive.
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