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  1. Hi Phil. No problem just keep the Lotus on the road. I will be there anyway. Not sure who else will be there.
  2. Hi Paul. Is it just engine parts? Regards Clive
  3. Two of us made it. Nice warm evening top down both ways. Forty min drive each way.
  4. Ferrari, Lambo, McLaren, Don't do SUV so why do Lotus need one?
  5. This is something that has crossed my mind as well. Not sure. The only thing i think because the car sticks out like a sore thumb people watch what the car is doing IMHO.
  6. I have an Elite 504 and when i had the engine out i did consider going manual but decided to stick with auto. They are rare now as a lot have been converted. My idea was to one of each but SWMBO has other ideas. 😀
  7. Good question. Have a word with Mike at Lotus bits.
  8. Got my Elite up and running at the weekend. Hope to have it back on the road for the first of June.
  9. Sorry cant make it. Family issues. Gutted.
  10. Hi Simon. I dont think there is a micro switch on the tailgate lock or on the hinge's. The switch is on the lamp. I will check my workshop manual when i get a chance or look at my car if it ever stops raining.
  11. Welcome go for it and enjoy.
  12. Love it no comment. Must be related to my other half.😂😂
  13. Paid £600 for mine and it ran sort of.😛
  14. Yes sorry only four days a week at work and sunshine so more time to sort it.
  15. Got to be one for Ant. He likes a challenge .
  16. Just get an Elite 74 to 82 two fillers and one tank. Magic.
  17. Does she who must be obayed know where the burn marks came from on her oven gloves.
  18. Welcome it's a great site lot's of info. Enjoy.
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