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    Ok thanks. Jonny.
  2. clivef38


    Slightly off topic, but does anyone know of a good flight sim for windows 10. Had to give up flying due to bank manager. Flight sim X does not work.
  3. It's only the guys that turn up who know who the black finger nail is .
  4. Spoke to Alex this morning and sorted things out. No mud slinging and said i dont want anyone too get a bollicking for it as the staff are very friendly. End of.
  5. Have you checked the cam timing. I got court by this. At some time my car ran fine then the next morning it ran like a dog. Checked everything then took the engine out and the found the cam belt had jumped a couple of teeth. Bugger.
  6. Sorry not sure i'm going to eat. Is this a problem?
  7. They gave us no option but we did not ask. As all those eating had finished they did dot offer the choice of going in the bar. As we left there was a couple sitting at the bar i guess residents. My local serves food until 10.00 pm and shuts very late. Triumph club , Harley Davidson club. Morgan OC meet there. To far away for most members. Maybe i could sort something for the summer. Check out the Crown hotel Mundford.
  8. Depends on how original you want to go. I am for sadness a member of the SAAB owners club and when you go to club events or classic car shows with the 96 the first thing most in the know just run there fingers around the wing inner edge to see if it has the double lip. Ok the wings are bolt on but no longer available so after market is the only option. But it's another classic on the road. Your car do what you are happy with.
  9. They said it was very slow night. Car park was quite full. !!!!
  10. Seat's no problem just nick an MX5 plenty of them about.
  11. Let me know how much you pay for it. . Or maybe go half . You can sort the diff.
  12. Nice evening with six of us. Slung us out at 9.15 !!!! wtf some of my gran kids go to bed later than that. Hope we are not kicked out too early on April 9th.
  13. On watch. Don't tell the wife.
  14. If Buddsy wants sell the old Esprit too save the planet i will give him a couple of quid for it.
  15. I aim to be there. Elan M100 if i have not sorted out the engine problem with the Elite.
  16. clivef38

    Shiney Elise

    Nice red Elise at Brandon Suffolk. Parked.
  17. At this rate Ant you will be back on the road before me. Clive
  18. Sorry just watched the one show with two of the presenters of top gear ,Matt the plonk and one of the others ,cant remember his name. They admitted that they drove Mercs and porkers so don't expect any Lotus coverage .
  19. gmail and plusnet works well for me in Norfolk.
  20. clivef38

    Elite chassis??

    Thanks Paul. I will give it a miss thanks all the same. Regards Clive.
  21. clivef38

    Elite chassis??

    Hi Paul. If no one else needs it i would be interested for my 1978 Elite 504. Regards Clive
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