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  1. Hi all. My Elite 504 on over run my cam belt chatters against the belt guard on the long side, exhaust cam to crank pulley.

    The belt is not old but the tensioner is so if the tensioner is week will that cause it ?

    Is the early belt tensioner better than the later one?

    Thanks for any advice  Clive

  2. Hi Chris thanks for the reply. I purchased a proper gaming pc so it should be good enough. I live in a caravan  on the land of a friend so i have very limited wifi. Thats the only reason for not downloading the sim. i will go for a screen shot. Im not the sharpest tool in the toolbox but i will try.

    Thanks Clive


  3. Hi all. Is there anyone else on here that has Microsoft flight sim 2020? I have the ten disc standard edition. Disc one loads fine but when i try to load disc two i get a message asking for a destination . I would have thought as disc one loaded ok it should have gone to that destination . I have tried several ways of getting to load . Have you ever tried to contact Microsoft. DONT BOTHER

    Thanks to anyone that can help.

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