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  1. Mine has been fixed, and has had few other bits done. HVAC panel, seal, couple other bits.
  2. Fair response! Was a little daft of me. I wondered if you might respond along the lines of 'looking for a rough one, up to £20k' or maybe 'I'd like as close to perfect as possible, up to £40k for the right car'. I don't really want to part with mine, curiosity kinda got the better of me.
  3. Jay, You hear good things about Silverstone because they're lovely people at heart. They are though employees of 'Silverstone' and not specific employees of a Lotus Dealership. It does make a difference. No disrespect as such but nobody could understand even why I wanted an oil change after 750miles of incorrect firing/fuelling. Now THAT is poor.
  4. we make the same point. The '400' is a car at this price point. Totally. From here though the devaluation begins with utterly woeful dealer service (Silverstone in my case). Utterly awful service for me using 'Lotus Assistance' (name is a joke, it's just AA) Poor fit and finish. Creaking seats Numerous other issues. As a result, it's a £50k package at best. If anyone wants to copy and paste my posts here onto PH that's fine by me as my user id is the same, so it would make sense as 'fesuvious said'.
  5. Indeed. The aftersales service is woeful. There has been no proper answer to the exhaust noise level. Only 'it has type approval'. I had to fight to get plugs & oil changed after 750 miles of misfire. The ownership experience; To drive, fantastic. Build quality, iffy. Dealer : just shite to be quite honest. Aftersales backup, almost non existent. In short, buy something else. I'm a Lotus nut for the drive. This though, £70k, ? No. Forget it. The whole ownership experience begins with a price of @£50k, or at least it should. Lotus, you absolutely do no have a £70k package here. Shame, cos the fundementals of the car are truly rocking!
  6. Another creaking seat here. I echo certain comments. I thought the Evora 400 was worth a punt. I figured they've had years to develop the product and sort niggles. I even had the extra insurance of buying the 1800 miles dealer demo. I figured and initial issues must be sorted. I then suffered a car running like a bag for weeks and 750 miles. Despite repeatedly telling Silverstone they ignored me. I also had a crap fitting window seal. Silverstone needed numerous attempts to fix her. On one occasion returned the car dirtier than when they had it. The window seal came back exactly the same despite me sending photos. Now the seat creaks. Oh, and 'Lotus Assistance' failed to turn up, and then turned up late. No courtesy car sorted. Again Silverstone washed their hands. I could expand, and can elaborate further. Might do too as my 18month has just woke up. It rides and handles like 70k. Build, support, dealer service is woeful. NOT 70k worth. I wish I'd bought an M2 or a Porsche.
  7. Quite However, not only was I assured the exhaust was absolutely a-ok for trackdays, but this is, in sentiment at the very least, backed up by the traction options. If the dealer tells you the exhaust is a-ok to go on track, and the car, made in England, comes with a traction control setting designed solely for track use..... You'd kinda expect it to be able to go straight to Donington. It seems not, or at least not unless you want to gamble with a day off work, the trackday cost and the fuel etc. Every time you go to a trackday. I am seriously unimpressed.
  8. I asked on the test drive if the exhaust was 'legal' for track use. I was assured it was. It formed a key reason why I bought it. Right now not chuffed. Considering options.
  9. I bought S75 LCF back in 2001. Would love first dibs if she was ever for sale.
  10. Thanks, and for the request of a 'higher angle'; Taken this morn in the rain, at work.
  11. So, today I followed through with my original plan. I hadn't told anyone. People on here had discussed paint options, stripes and all sorts (me included). So, I decided to do something that I think hasn't been done on an Evora yet. Plenty will hate, plenty will like, some might love, I'm not looking for approval just thought I'd share it.
  12. My missus is OCD, and even she thinks you're being weird
  13. Yes, when I was making enquiries with Lotus @4 weeks ago and asking a number of questions this was what I was told. I wanted to know why a car hadn't been available at all to drive, or for any press. The response I got was that, in short it wasn't quite finished yet and Lotus would not hand over a 410 to press or anyone else to sample until it was deemed 'spot-on'. I asked if that meant there was still work to do on the setup and was told (in short) 'yes, the car isn't ready yet to be driven'. That was 4 weeks ago. Maybe it's done by now. I've no idea.
  14. castle coombe 13th sept.....
  15. No, but subtle geo changes can make a massive difference. I'd imagine the 410 will have a more aggressive alignment. And, yes, alongside being lower, will likely have amended rates. The 410 needs to be a step above the 400, a clear step. Shaving off weight equivalent to 3/4 of a tank of fuel isn't enough, neither is an extra handful of horses. Its a Lotus, so its gonna need to be a step up in terms of handling. Which, personally I have no doubt it will be. Albeit for everyday road use unless you have been part possessed by the spirit of Senna, and your current surname is Rhorl your arse and nerves will never really know the difference.
  16. 'likely to change' The geo and setup is to be different from the 400. Lotus said that when the car was announced/revealed.
  17. I have no issue putting mine round a track for you if you need someone for a video. More than happy to. Could explore the various levels of traction control and how they influence the car. Currently scheduled to be on a handling day July 9th and possibly racing at Anglesey the weekend after. Aside from that though... Wont be offended if you don't need me, you seem to have all and every angle covered this far!
  18. 3 weeks ago I calculated that if Lotus had a 20% efficiency improvement over their stated production volume of 34 Evoras a week (2010) then the US cars couldn't possibly be finished before end July. Assuming they're now knocking out 40 ish cars a week. July = 2 weeks shutdown So the 410 aint getting built until August at earliest. However, as at 3 weeks ago I was led to believe the final chassis spec hadn't been 'signed off' and there was still development work to do. Now it appears there is a delay on carbon parts. I'm quite chuffed in a way - I may have bought the 400, but my order is still in for the 410....(Hi Aimee). @scott, (yes, I know you read this forum) : Lotus really could do with handling this better, the PR aint the best. Many peeps out there after a 410, if they decide not to wait will likely go purchase a 400. If that happens (like with me) it will wipe out the cheap as chips ex demo 400 stock and in 2-3 months time help justify the 410 price. And indeed the sticker 400 price too. The mid-sixties cars that are barely used are harming the value of the 400 (not just financially I mean) For those (like me) waiting for a 410 - It will likely be Autumn at the earliest. Or, like me, leave your order live and go buy one of the cheap(er) ex-demos in the meantime! A firm like lotus should always be granted leeway, but somebody there (probably you Scott - tongue in cheek!) needs lessons in consumer psychology. Silence (always interpreted by the consumer as 'sit in the corner and be quiet you insolent child') is something you expect from a larger car maker. Not Lotus. p.s - Lotus, develop an aftermarket cupholder - please. Yes, she's an invigorating car, but strong coffee on the way, to decent roads is a must.
  19. more details please, can that one work in any way?
  20. Cup-Holder is a biggie. If no aftermarket solution is available, I'm going to have to create one. Yes, weight, and yes, drivers car. B,b,b,b,b,uuutttttttt, first thing in the morning, I'm more of a coffee addict than a driver. This is an oversight. All else is feckin brilliant
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