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  1. Nathan, what product did you use to clean up the inner arches and suspension etc?
  2. Scandal Green S160 on 12k miles... that’s a keeper! I am on the look out for a S160. Low mileage completely standard examples are hard to come across. I am sure you’re not planning on selling... but if you are
  3. Not according to Greg - but happy to be proved wrong ! edit: yes they do amber turn lights on option 3 but it’s not the halo lights it’s the small dot that flashes. Doesn’t look nearly as good in my opinion.
  4. One of the reasons I selected the EU specific versions is I wanted it to be fully road legal and pass it’s MOT test (uk),therefore I selected the smoked lenses as I needed the indicator to be Amber in colour and not red ( you can’t have the red lenses and amber indicator unfortunately) and not wishing to scaremonger... if the lights aren't road legal then insurance companies need no excuses not to pay out if the worse happens. I was passive on the colour options. What I can say is the quality and service from Greg at GRP was brilliant.
  5. It’s standard from the factory. Most 350’s and upwards have this look. The letters are stickers.
  6. Hi. I have the GRP gt lights. They are smoked so they are road legal. I ordered the following. Option 6, added reflectors, all four lights running lights, brake light outer set and fog lights on the inner set. These are fully road legal for the UK and are plenty bright enough. GRP quality and service has been excellent. Very easy to deal with abs OEM quality finish. Some before and after pictures.
  7. Oh my.... not sure what to say! It’s certainly different. Can I ask, why do you want stickers of car part manufacturers? You do seem determined to cover your car in stickers! I originally thought you were joking and playing to the crowd on here ... clearly not! Bravery indeed! at the end of the day, it is your car and if you like it that’s all that really matters. We all like different things in life.
  8. You certainly have some... original mods on your car
  9. If you’re going down the route of replacing rear clams etc then the cost will get pretty scary. The 380 is the best looking Exige in my opinion. I have added some subtle mods to mine based on the 380 that have improved the looks. I like the front access panel and other details , but the gap between the 350 and 380 isn’t that huge and something I may consider in the future.
  10. Wouldn’t it just be easier and perhaps cheaper to buy a 380?
  11. So the dealer programmed this so it transferred the correct mileage from your old cluster to your new one ?
  12. Looks fantastic ..... i think you will never actually do this to your car... you just love the hate it generates on here !! if you do this to your car... and prove it, I will donate £100 to a charity of your choice.
  13. Looks brilliant. I just love the air vents, if only they left the factory looking this good.
  14. touché ! i would love a viable replacement... the search continues
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