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  1. Parks may be a good shout. They have some pretty good franchises with niche brands like McLaren and Lambo. Time will tell. Let’s hope something is announced soon.
  2. I guess we also need to factor in that LF1 owners will happily talk up the values of their cars for personal gain. Not a criticism as such as I would likely do the same
  3. Just ridiculous. The closest dealer is now Leeds I have read elsewhere?! Let’s hope for positive news soon. I do have some insight in to the grange discussion, which has made me question Lotus’s strategy and what they intend to do. It’s all hearsay and I will await any announcement next week. Really hoping it’s positive news for Lotus in Scotland. If this isn’t resolved soon I can honestly see me and others turning their back on the brand. Some of the dealers In the current network leave a lot to be desired. Cheeky chappies operating out of industrial units does not help brand image and future growth for Lotus and any new premium products. Some of the established dealers however are excellent. If only CMC was an approved service centre, it would help and provide a viable alternative for people and warranty work.
  4. @stephenwhyte I agree, cups are always a more exclusive pedigree that have tangible upgrades against the standard car. I absolutely see why these would carry a premium. Other than limited numbers I don’t see the reason why people with LF1’s expect such a premium. Maybe I am missing something on the upgrades, but I don’t think other than a specific paint scheme, limited numbers tied to GP victories and some marketing material there is any difference to the V6’s? Happy to be proved wrong on the point though. Each to their own, but if it was my money and I wanted a limited edition Exige, it would be the cup cars every time
  5. Yes after some research I have also come across this... it’s not a mod that’s popular / or I haven’t heard much about it. I can heel and toe, but if there was a reliable mod that improved that I would look in to it.
  6. @Toeside thanks for sharing and good to know. I guess no dealer is perfect, but I only ever had positive experiences with Murray / Leven. It’s the thought of the drive to Carlisle that annoys me too. As other have mentioned it’s even worse for those in Aberdeen and the Highland regions. No Lotus dealer in Scotland is just unacceptable. I hope that something is sorted soon.
  7. Can you elaborate? it’s a real blow not having a dealer or even approved service centre in Scotland. I haven’t heard any updates other than a rumour that the deal offered to grange wasn’t acceptable or fair, which doesn’t bode well for the future. thankfully we have Craig at CMC but that doesn’t help with warranty work.
  8. Other than a limited number of LF1 cars being made, why such a premium? What other extras did it come with? 350 sports seem much better value for money at the moment. I get that this is a limited edition, but I am wondering why they command such a premium? the Silverstone car looks stunning. I hope it’s been prepped well for sale, as that’s not always the case.
  9. Why do you prefer hyper-flashing ? For non LED lights it was an indication the bulb had gone. When I see a car on the road with hyper flash i automatically think the light bulb is on the way out. I am surprised it passed and MOT. It must have been an very lenient inspector or they simply never checked it properly.
  10. I think he will need the resistors adding to the lights. For some reason the 350 comes with the 9 pin relay. Greg has now updated his website to add on the 350 sport as a separate option. For 350 cars he will add on the resister which negates the need for the relay swap out. It’s very easy to retro fit the resistors. The fact that it’s being a pig to get the relay out indicates to me it’s the 9 pin version. The 3 pin just pops out easily. 9 pin is a nightmare.
  11. Yes that may well be the case, I just can’t remember the reason. I thought it was because the actual boot lid in carbon was so much lighter the struts were to powerful. I will try and find the post on here
  12. If I am not mistaken, the gas struts are to powerful for the carbon bootlid as it’s so light, hence why the OEM version looks like the above pictures. I can’t be sure on this theory, I am going on my memory.
  13. I haven’t seen anyone being negative, just giving an opinion. If we can’t give an opinion then there isn’t much point in a forum.
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