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  1. Edinburgh 111s

    Where do I get one of these?

    What the hell is under the black Honda civics lid? It flew past the Exige on the main straight. Some poor driving and track day etiquette Great sound and box though ๐Ÿ˜€
  2. Edinburgh 111s

    Gearbox/Clutch noise

    Dan. Does it sound like this? thats from my car is 1st and second with the clutch out and low revs.
  3. Edinburgh 111s

    Drag Race: Exige 350 failed against Alfa 4C

    Total sham. Video made by a Alfa fan boy. The start from the Exige was horrendous, not once but twice.
  4. Edinburgh 111s

    It took 6 months...

    Congratulations on the car. Love orange on a lotus. Had it on my old S2 Exige, the best colour in my opinion. Will he interesting to hear your feedback on the auto box. Enjoy the car ๐Ÿ‘
  5. Thatโ€™s a shocking fit. Mine is nowhere near as bad as that. I would be sending that to the dealers to sort out under warranty. As much as I love the Lotus brand, it really annoys me how bad the finished articles are given the price point they currently sit at.
  6. It may be the light in the picture, but there really looks to be next to no oil in there at all.
  7. Dan, have you considered the Joying head unit? A few have done this mod with relatively good feedback. There are a few recent threads on this
  8. Agreed! A mod to far and ruins the look of the car in my opinion
  9. Edinburgh 111s

    380 Sport, bought

    Congratulations ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
  10. Edinburgh 111s

    Exige picture & video thread

    Thatโ€™s getting revved some! Poor gearbox! never seen the Dubai circut before. Looks nice
  11. Sunglasses ? Cap? i personally think a sun strip looks a bit naff and the visors that weโ€™re fitted to previous models were pretty uselsss, I used to have them in my S2 Exige years back.
  12. Hey. I really like the look of the rubber lip that is attached to the 380 front splitter. I am keen to fit one of these to my 350, purely for the cosmetic reasons as I think it looks good. A couple of questions; 1. Will this fit the 350 ? Is the splitter the same as the 380? 2. How is this attached, is it purely an adhesive strip or is there other hardware involved ? 3. On the attached parts list there are two different part numbers, any ideas the correct version ? 4. Any idea on the cost for this ? thanks in advance. Austen
  13. Edinburgh 111s

    380 Sport, bought

    Congratulations Dan. I know how much you wanted this spec and have taken time to find the right car for you. When do you get it home ? Enjoy it ๐Ÿ˜€
  14. Edinburgh 111s

    Back Box conundrum...

    Simple... sell me your tubular box!
  15. Edinburgh 111s

    Ultra violet purple

    I honestly think that you might be better if you considered buying a 380 or 410 new? It will remove all the fears you seem to have and you will get the spec / clear history that you want? Not sure if Lotus still do the 50/50 finance deal? i have to admit that the purple is not my cup of tea, but each to their own - many will think that my black Lotus is boring !