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  1. Not all Exige’s came with cruise control. Mine doesn’t have it so it makes this conversion very easy
  2. Now I would be impressed if you can get the logos on there. I checked with Dan at divine handcraft and he couldn’t help, but hadn’t considered laser engraving. the OEM stalks are just awful, would be great if you can make this solution work ... then I can copy you !
  3. Congratulations. Pictures up on here please as soon as you get it what is the lead time ?
  4. @Screem wow... simply stunning! i have to ask.... what’s up the stairs... or perhaps I shouldn’t ask
  5. I am pretty sure it’s a carpet that’s been used. Good solution it would seem
  6. Wow. Not sure what else to say!!. Simply stunning. Can’t wait to see more pictures
  7. My understanding is that this can’t be done by dealers. Many folks who have suffered faulty dash’s in the past got a new one from Lotus. The new one came with 0 miles and paperwork to state the mileage at the point of swap out. This was a few years ago, it may have changed but I would be doubtful. I am sure some companies will be able to change the dash for you, but it would cost money and is staying in to a dodgy area. I think the best way around this would be to sell the dash with car and therefore all the mileage will link up. regarding your point on insurance and legality, I too think you are over thinking this one.
  8. That’s a seriously cool battery! Neat driving I have to say. Very smooth and consistent. Seems like it can keep up / negligible with the 430’s ? The smarty cam looks a nice piece of kit and very good picture quality.
  9. @Andy Norman make sure you also apply the 3M adhesion promoter. This will really boost the effectiveness of the tape. I applied it to mine, it sticks like crazy with this. I don’t even need the screws with the tape and adhesion promoter. Also clean all surfaces first with IPA before you apply. I have some adhesion promoter if you don’t have any. Tricky to fine the right type for rubber and it’s also not cheap!
  10. @PPH there will be absolutely no noticeable difference in downforce. Two GRP canards will generate next to no downforce. If it does, I guarantee it won’t be noticed driving. for me its a mod to improve looks, but that is of course subjective.
  11. As you say, there is no bad answer. The Elise is a great car, but the Exige being the same Chassis but with a totally different and far better power train may want you wishing for more quite quickly. I have owned several Elises and also a 350. For me there it’s a no brainer, Exige every time. It looks and performs like a mini supercar. The V6 powertrain is so addictive. Torque and power throughout the range and you don’t need to rev it hard to get instant performance. Good luck with your choice. There isn’t a wrong one and I am confident that you’ll love Lotus ownership of these brilliant little cars.
  12. I agree with others. A dealership in Ayr would absolutely kill the brand in Scotland. Ayr is so far remote even for me in Edinburgh. I feel sorry for the folks in Aberdeen and even further north. It has to be in the central belt for it to work. If this is indeed the case I think it will be the last straw for a few owners, who’s loyalty has really been tested of late with the slow response to deal with this problem (COVID aside but this has been an issue long before COVID) thankfully we have Craig Moncrief in Edinburgh, but buying a new car and promoting brand following will not be achieved by having the main dealer based in Ayr. Servicing in Hamilton is great, but new car sales will plummet. If true, what a sad situation.
  13. Perhaps I have... but the issue of no dealer and promises about big announcements were made long before lockdown. it’s just very frustrating to have no dealer and the closest being over 200 miles away. Last I heard Hayton’s technician had left and they couldn’t handle any service work, although this situation may have been resolved. I messaged Graeme Robertson on Facebook but he couldn’t provide a firm update. We live in hope
  14. Any update at all on a solution for Scotland? Totally understand the delay given the circumstances, but this seems to have gone completely silent.
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