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  1. Wow. Love the colour. Congratulations
  2. Another rich kid that has an endless amount of supercars at his disposal not as irritating as Shmee though! yes... I am jealous!
  3. Can’t make up my mind on those wheels... it does look a good finish though.
  4. Agree with this. The actual mirror looks great but the mount looks rough.
  5. Hi. I have just had mine fitted this weekend after having them wrapped in Matt black. They do look great and finish the cars styling. I have noticed that there is movement on the front end beside the mudgaurd and the rear. I am thinking about applying some double sided tape, has anyone else had to do this ? My skirts only had five holes on one side and six on the other. No problem and was easy to create another hole using the correct skirt as a template. Great product. Look forward to seeing what else @alias23 produces. Front splitter please !
  6. Edinburgh based @Andy Norman thank you for your help
  7. Thanks all. That is really helpful! I am going to purchase these
  8. Ok... I think I will go for them. I am In the states in a few weeks with work so it may be easier and cheaper to bring them back with me (I can have them posted to a colleague in Houston) anymore feed back welcome !
  9. As I said ... each to their own! Its certainly an improvement on that last sticker project you were going to do
  10. Isn’t having the “R” a bit like sticking M badges to a non M BMW?
  11. Each to their own.... but these type of decals all look a bit boy racer to me.... as I said, each to their own
  12. Were these the GRP Version or the transformed. Calling all TLF members who have these fitted for feedback ?!
  13. They are meant to be very poor quality. I am sure someone on here has bought them in the past?
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