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  1. Can you elaborate? it’s a real blow not having a dealer or even approved service centre in Scotland. I haven’t heard any updates other than a rumour that the deal offered to grange wasn’t acceptable or fair, which doesn’t bode well for the future. thankfully we have Craig at CMC but that doesn’t help with warranty work.
  2. Other than a limited number of LF1 cars being made, why such a premium? What other extras did it come with? 350 sports seem much better value for money at the moment. I get that this is a limited edition, but I am wondering why they command such a premium? the Silverstone car looks stunning. I hope it’s been prepped well for sale, as that’s not always the case.
  3. Why do you prefer hyper-flashing ? For non LED lights it was an indication the bulb had gone. When I see a car on the road with hyper flash i automatically think the light bulb is on the way out. I am surprised it passed and MOT. It must have been an very lenient inspector or they simply never checked it properly.
  4. I think he will need the resistors adding to the lights. For some reason the 350 comes with the 9 pin relay. Greg has now updated his website to add on the 350 sport as a separate option. For 350 cars he will add on the resister which negates the need for the relay swap out. It’s very easy to retro fit the resistors. The fact that it’s being a pig to get the relay out indicates to me it’s the 9 pin version. The 3 pin just pops out easily. 9 pin is a nightmare.
  5. Yes that may well be the case, I just can’t remember the reason. I thought it was because the actual boot lid in carbon was so much lighter the struts were to powerful. I will try and find the post on here
  6. If I am not mistaken, the gas struts are to powerful for the carbon bootlid as it’s so light, hence why the OEM version looks like the above pictures. I can’t be sure on this theory, I am going on my memory.
  7. I haven’t seen anyone being negative, just giving an opinion. If we can’t give an opinion then there isn’t much point in a forum.
  8. Couldn’t agree more... it’s his car and one can do what they like with it. No one is judging, people pass comment and opinion, because you know... this is a forum and that’s what people do ?
  9. That’s saying something ... from the man with brown wheels on an orange car 😂😉 Only jesting. I added my comments on the lotus Facebook page. I think it’s a mod to far, the secret is knowing when to stop. But fair play to you and I hope you like it. Will be interesting to see the end product.
  10. Yes indeed I have. But I guess with all things in life, it’s subjective.
  11. Well actually you can .... have you heard the 2bular valved road system ? 😉
  12. Buy an aftermarket version 😂 2bular have a great product but you may need to wait sometime before receiving it ! you can also replace the tips on the stock system, @BatMobile done this before I am sure and there is a post on here about the process
  13. @MrP_ brilliant 😂 @RoflOnMyWaffle good to see this mod. Any video / audio of it running on the car ?
  14. I agree with your thoughts. The last thing anyone wants is the brand to be devalued and lumped in with the bargain basement brands. Nothing wrong with those brands at all, but the dealer just wouldn’t be right for Lotus and the niche area of the market it sits within. if Craig became a authorised service centre this would be absolutely fantastic. My car has just ticked over the three year mark so I am not as precious has having main dealer stamps now, it’s just kind of sad that there will be no official Lotus dealer in Scotland.
  15. How very disappointing. Whilst we will likely never know as you rightly say, Lotus are no without a dealership in Scotland. I fear it may be sometime until we have another. Lotus is such a low volume car manufacturer, with the niche dealerships few and far between in Scotland, it doesn’t bode well. Macklin motors could always find a corner in the showroom, beside the Kia’s and Suzuki’s 😂😳
  16. I have to say it doesn’t look good with the buttons covered? Couldn’t they have left the buttons exposed and trimmed around them ? the carbon cover that was shown earlier in this thread looked superior in my opinion.
  17. This is terrible news. Both for the staff and the brand In Scotland. The nearest dealer is now in Carlisle, who have very mixed reviews. I highly doubt that the dealership will be based i the NE / Aberdeen area. The critical mass of people is in the central belt. Selfishly I hope it remains In Edinburgh. I note that the Aston Martin and RR dealerships seem to have moved to grange. Does anyone know why the Lotus deal fell through? It looked like it had happened and there was talk of the Lotus cars moving in to the AM showroom and workshops. a sad day for everyone involved in the brand and of course the good people who will loose their jobs.
  18. Looks good @MrP_ i have the say I like the number plate higher, really cleans up the front end in my opinion.
  19. Do you still have all the stickers on the car @RoflOnMyWaffle?
  20. Why the rubber edge to the sills ? Not sure I like that... although everything else on your car looks outstanding
  21. Top work @MrP_ I think it really enhances the front end and ties in nicely to your front access cover. Did you powder coat your front tow eye ?
  22. Some excellent mods that have really enhanced the car 👍
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