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  1. Give me a shout if you plan on selling your old eibach / komotech springs once you fit your Nitrrons. Could be interested if the price is right.
  2. Some really classy upgrades on your car @MAG
  3. Good on @MrP_ 😀👍 unplugged the battery and reseated the relay. Left for some time. No joy. Checked the other fuses as mentioned above. It was the hazard fuse that had blown. Replaced and indicators now seem to be working. I will install the resistors once received from Greg. a bit of a relief as I was worried I had caused further damage, but the fuse had done it’s job. lesson learnt... don’t be lazy and always disconnect the battery when doing any sort of electrical work on the car. thankfully I didn’t need to replace the relay. At £130 its an utter rip off. Thanks again to Mr p, this forum and its members are brilliant.
  4. Thanks @MrP_ i am going to disconnect the battery (agreed... I should have done this first!) and re-seat the relay. I will leave it for an hour or and see what happens. i checked fuse 7 but will check 16 and 24 too. If that doesn’t work I will try to open the relay, but not sure how to do this without breaking it! the jeep relay looks almost identical, other than pins 1,4,9,8 have small holes on the end of the pin on the lotus version and on the jeep ones they don’t, I am not sure if this will make a difference ? There are no other part numbers on the relay so can’t be sure it’s the same as the Jeep version. I have attached a picture for reference. Google doesn’t bring up any other results from what I can see ? Forgot to add, everything else seems to be working ok other than the indicators, both the directional and hazards aren’t working presently. The car locks ok too
  5. Hi. 2016. Greg is aware and he is going back to fitting the built in resistors. I am in contact with him at the moment. It looks like it’s just the 350 with the 9 pin relay.
  6. So.... I am hoping I haven’t mucked up to badly. when attempting to pull out the indicator relay (located under the dash) I used the tip of a screwdriver to prize / lever it away from the holder as it was proving very hard to release. The screw driver slipped and connected with the pin on the relay. There was a small spark. On reassembling the relay the indicators no longer work. I checked and changed the fuse but still nothing. Have I simply just broke the relay or is there a risk I have caused further damage? I don’t have a multi meter, but my thoughts are that it’s just the relay that’s broken as the fuse was intact? Strangely when I press the button to lock the doors the indicators flash as normal i was changing out the relay for the GRP replacement to cure the hyper flashing. It turns out that the sport 350 has a different relay (9 pins and not the standard 3) to all other models. Not sure why, it’s also listed as a separate part on DeRoure at a cost of £129!! For a relay 😡. Tried to see if I could find another that would work but to no avail. greg is going to send me some resistors to sort the problem of hyper flashing due to the different relay. For reference I attach a picture of the indicator relay from the sport 350. So, thoughts? Do I simply need a new relay or is the problem likely to be more sinister? for reference to other forum users, this is what the 350 parts looks like
  7. Something I have been wanting to do. Was it a simple swap out? Where did you get the bulbs?
  8. Thanks. I really like it. It’s the closet to an OEM look that I have seen with the single din / tablet display. yes I got lucky. It was on sale for £365. I was bored on Christmas days with the in-laws at our house so searched for a discount code 😂 the code expired on Christmas Day. I do see various and reputable sellers are selling this same model new and boxed on eBay for £365.
  9. £230 per side , surely that can’t be right? Could you get hold of some and get them made at a machine shop? It would be a fraction of the price.
  10. Hi. Some pictures of the unit installed, albeit not the best as the car is in the garage and I am struggling to get it outside due to recovering from a broken arm. Overall I am very happy with the unit. It looks very OEM as the rear of the unit blends in to the dashboard seamlessly. It doesn’t cover the HVAC controls and only about a 1/5th of the air vents. The pioneer unit is a quality piece of equipment. Very easy to use and the ability to use car play in all its glory is a significant step forward from the original unit, which belongs in the 1990’s. I will need to get the unit back out at some point and install the device to override the hand-break sensor as you can’t access pictures / screensavers etc or apps via weblink like youtube, although I can’t think when I would ever want to use video in the car. The sound is slightly better than the stock unit. It feels like it has a little more depth and not as tinny, but the change is not hugely significant. I like the unit, it feels like OEM and really modernises the interior. Spotify and google maps / waze are also really handy. The only criticism would be the screen is a little thick and not as slim as a tablet device, but the overall look and the way it blends in to the dash compensates this. I also really like that it doesn’t cover the vents or HVAC controls. I paid £325 for this at Halfords. It was on offer and I found another 10% discount code easily enough online. I think if you’re a full member on here you also get a 10% discount to use (I really need to upgrade my membership) The actual install was straightforward enough and I routed the USB cable as per @MrP_ advice. The cable that has to be fed back through to the front of the unit to attach to the tablet screen was a challenge. I managed to do it but it’s not easy. If you do buy this unit drop me a note and I can advise you further. The microphone I installed at the side of the steering column, it’s mainly hidden but works really well for SIRI and making calls.
  11. Out little Persian, Jemima. She is about 7 months old in this picture. Great little cat. Follows us everywhere and can even play fetch! She is great fun. A fantastic and loving personality. I was never a cat person until we got her. Couldn’t imagine the house without her now.
  12. Greg said these were added at the build stage. You have to specify that it’s a V6 Exige when ordering as these are added. I have emailed him to ask for some advice. Will let you know how o get on.
  13. @alias23 i have just fitted these, I agree they look great. The only issue is that the indicators are hyper flashing. Strange as I didn’t have any issues with the V2’s. I assume you never had any similar issues with hyper flashing ?
  14. Weird. Took it back to Halfords and they tested it on their board. The FM worked just fine! Can’t figure it out. I am going to complete the is install just now and try and figure it out afterwards. the old head unit picked up FM fine. The new one picked up FM fine in Halfords but doesn’t when in my car. Strange. Will investigate later. The main reason for buying the head unit was for car play to open up Spotify / Waze etc.
  15. No, because I plugged the old head unit in and the FM radio worked fine. Really strange as after a while the new head unit picked up a station, but then when I looked for more it disappeared. I am in the garage but the old one worked ok. I don’t think it’s linked to the handbrake switch and I assume the exgie doesn’t have an amplified Ariel? the only thing I can think off is the head unit must be faulty 😐
  16. @MrP_ thank you. It appears it must the the actual head unit tuner. I plugged in the normal FM Ariel and it didn’t pick up any stations. It eventually found on FM station when I searched but it then disappeared again. To double check I plugged in the old head unit and there wasn’t a problem. looks like I will need to return the head unit. I can’t think why it randomly picked up one station and no others and then lost it again?
  17. In the process of installing it right now.... but the DAB splitter doesn’t seem to be working. @MrP_ any ideas? I think I have wired it correctly. The blue cable from the splitter I have connected to the remote wire (blue with white stripped. I have connected all up and no DAB signal or FM. I have added some pictures , albeit not very clear. Am I missing something ?
  18. Wow! Just autosol? I really need to get mine done is the effects are that good
  19. @alias23 i attached a rubber splitter using the 3M tape you used before along with an adhesion promoter as advised by @MrP_ it worked really well, the adhesion promoter worked really well! I didn’t use any screws, just the tape and promoter. It’s been on and stuck solid for 7 months despite some spirited B road driving and a few speed bump scuffs. i have linked the thread for reference with @MrP_ instructions, which were spot on. I have lots of the promoter product left over, if you want some I am happy to post you some down as it’s hard to get hold off and not cheap as you need to by a largish tin of the stuff. ttps://
  20. @MrP_ has some great knowledge and has helped me out on a few occasions now 👍
  21. Super helpful as always @MrP_ thank you 😊 would I need to remove the airbag cover to run the cable ?
  22. @MrP_ I am about to attempt the install over the next day or two. Any ideas on how to route the usb cable for the iPhone ? on the DAB splitter, do I simply need to install the attached or would I need a full DAB Ariel? thanks for your help. .
  23. I agree with your comments. I also think the 430 is the best looking Exige.... a black 430 in particular .... the hunt continues 😀
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