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  1. Gratulerer. Hilsen fra Bergen Arne, 89 non SE
  2. GKP Thanks for bringing my topic back on track. Any other suggestions of what the difference of the turbo (turbo only not engine) to the SE vs non SE might be? (both turbos are water cooled) Arne 89 non SE
  3. Travis Thank you for input. Sorry to say but the turbo is watercooled. Any other suggestions out there? Arne 89 non SE
  4. Friends Currently rebuilding my 89 non SE engine and is at the moment unsure of what to do with the turbo. The engine has done 150' km and will be completely rebuilt. Just can not leave the turbo as it is. First thought was to have it refurbished/ rebuilt, next idea was to get a new one. During this process have I discovered that there are different part numbers for the "turbocharger assemblies" to the SE and non SE. According to the Lotus parts list 1988-92: turbocharger assembly non c/cool part number A910E6889F turbocharger assembly chargecooler part number A910E6959F The a
  5. 1989 Esprit Turbo (non SE) SCC082910KHH62675 Bergen Norway Regards, Arne
  6. Gavin, Michael SORRY, no injection, my mistake. Arne 89 non-SE
  7. Michael That's a Bosch Fuel Injected engine. Confusing though with the SE front and dash! Regards, Arne 89 non-SE
  8. Jonathan I fitted the large rear discs on my 89 non-SE a couple of months ago and faced the same problem as you describe. You need a washer to offset the caliper slightly. I got washers together with the kit from PNM. I also removed the thin metal plate on the rear side of the pads and shaved of some pad material according to PNM's instruction. Mind you, removing material from the pad was a nightmare as I had to take off approximately 2mm from every pad... The brakes work fine now. Regards, Arne 89 non-SE Norway
  9. When my left hand side tank started to leak did I end up with removing the engine in order to get the tank out! I bought an aluminium tank from Esprit engineering and had the right hand side tank sand blasted and painted. Arne 89 non SE
  10. Dear friends Could I ask why you are changing the ECU from the non SE type to the SE type? Is it because it is failing like mine? Regards, Arne 89 non-SE
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