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  1. Bloody nasty day at work, be good to have an evening with my mates. Tea & coffee? I need a goddam beer!.... Anyway, I've just jumped on a train out of London. Will collect the car from Dartford and drive straight to Brands. See you in a bit. JJ
  2. Got your message, Bibs. I'd love to take part. Alas, I wouldn't be able to get to Brands until around 7.30pm due to work commitments.....
  3. I fear tonight may turn into a Big Daddy theme night.......
  4. Sorry Rob, I should have been more specific, i'm out of the country from 5th October for 2 weeks.... Hope to make this on another occasion, the food last time was very good. And i'm a fussy swine
  5. Great pub & a cracking blat down there from my house. Alas, i'm in sunnier climbs that week........ Have a good one
  6. Will attempt to pop down for this, on the condition Bibs promises NOT to wear a singlet I may even bring out the Adventure which has been gathering dust for over 6 weeks......
  7. Would love to join you good people for this. Alas, of all the days next week, Wednesday is the one & only day I have to work late. Very late
  8. Fantastic food. Note made of this pub, very handy for a stopoff during my cross-country runs to Brighton......
  9. Will try and make this. Its going to be a warm evening today, perfect for a B-road dash down to Ardingly Not going to be arriving until around 9pm or so, though. By that time, i'll have to be satisfied with a pint of coke & a bag of nuts! JJ
  10. Dave, sorry to hear mate. Hope things work out OK
  11. What happened, Steve? Did you get dropped by the '500bhp MR2' & that 'tuned up' Golf?
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