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  2. Hi Saj, Thanks for the input. Obviously not too may owners out there (only one response) but thanks for the comprehensive response. The car I am looking at has a kenwood radio in it which is apparently much better than the blaupunkt. The one thing I am a little worried about is going on a long trip with a passenger. On the test drive you rub shoulders a fair bit (though he was rather large), is this a problem? Keith
  3. Calling on experienced Europa S drivers! Hoping I have posted this question in the correct place.. I am seriously considering trading in my WRX on a 2007 Europa S, and using it every day. I would like to hear from current owners if this is really a good idea, I have driven an Exige before and found it blew my mind but a very very hard ride which could get irritating. Although I am used to hard riding cars, the Europa seems to tick all the right boxes, however i am mindfull of Mr Clarkson's dislike for this model... The roads I'd use everyday is limited freeway driving, mostly "B" roads (as the poms would say) and a wonderfully twisty back road to get home on which I have had much joy (and a couple of scares). Any feedback on experience with Europa S's regarding aircon, handling the bumps and potholes, rattles and squeaks would be appreciated. Thanks guys. Keith
  4. So glad I found this topic, as i have been pondering on this for some months now. To do or not to do. The otherthing I am considering is smoothing off the chamfer on the add on sills and front and rear valences to get away from the "80's add on skirt look. Anyone done that? Keitht
  5. Hi all I have searched and searched and cannot find any reference to the donor of the Steering rack for my pre 85 Turbo. I am changing it from LHD to RHD and need to replace the rack. It is definately a Ford rack, but is there a diffenence in Escort and Cortina racks?
  6. I saw it on you tube a year or so ago. Recorded it when on DSTV and watch it often (to my wifes great irritation). Pitty the film shows frequent puffs of black smoke! But yes it is glorious!
  7. Hi all, I recently picked up a very sad Essex Esprit in South Africa it was metallic blue (not with the chrome and red stipes though)(snif) but it did have a dry sump arrangement. Apparently the original engine decided it would work better with a con rod on the outside of the block! So the engine was scrapped I believe. When I removed the hood linning "Essex" was revealed in black marker on the underside of the roof. It is also LHD and I found some Italian coins in it! So I'd love to find out some history. I am sure the chassis number starts with 009, but will have to check when I see the car again next week. Keitht.
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