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  1. Ah well, how quickly things turn around, and can only confirm good tools make life easier ! Couldn't understand why the battery did not sort the problem so checked the connection and it showed the jump leads used were knackered and minimal power was being transferred - honestly gob smacked it could be something as simple as that ! So I hooked it up again with new leads and just for one moment the dash all came to life ! This gave me a little hope so tried to charge it a little more, no joy, checked the battery and it was as dead as could be. Raced off to get another battery, replaced it and hey presto life in the girl again !! One thing I have noticed tho is that the warning lamp is illuminated and stays on I did read in the handbook that the management system can take a while to right itself and will need to re-learn when the battery has been disconnected etc .. but wondered if this is a potentially underlying problem I need to get fixed. Other than that, new shock fitted and ready for MOT again ! Thanks all for your suggestions and advice
  2. Thanks all for the advice, however no luck. Hooked her up to my mates motor but the car would not start. Engine management light on now ! Checked the fuses and all ok there. Not having a lot of luck this month Any suggestions welcome
  3. Thanks Trevor, will try that tomorrow and take it from there.
  4. Hello all, been a while since I posted and this one is just as vague lol ... Car was due in for MOT but failed due to 1 x leaking Shock on the rear, have ordered a Bilstein and will have replaced within a day or two when it arrives, however once the car had been tested I drove it home (approx 3 miles) and put her safely in the garage ...left her for the Bank Holiday etc and went to check on her today .. nothing registered ..alarm ..nothing .. Tried again and the alarm worked, so sat in, key in and only some of the light came up on the dash but she wouldnt start or tick over or anything ... lights still come on ... would this indicate the starter motor or could it potentially be something nice and simple and cheap (drops to knees and prays) so, any suggestions fellow money burners ?? The reason I ask is I have read various threads, some of which mention the battery dying quickly etc. Thanks all in advance for any replies. Still love the car more than anything Now to to update anyone even remotely interested in my previous thread re : Burning smell :- Took the car to Christopher Neil and they couldn't find anything ..smell subsided and that was that so in all honesty never found out what the hell it was much to my frustration, but got the belts changed while I was there Oh and while I am asking (probably daft questions) my car temperature reached 100 when being put through the MOT so he popped the heaters on just incase lol as it was a hot day and was being revved to test emissions, what is the general temperature the engine should be at as it was around 77 from June last year then around 82-88 more recently ?
  5. Thank you Gunter for the great advice, will check this over.
  6. Hey Mat Yeah I guess so, just wanted to try and sort the problem myself if at all possible rather than end up with an expensive bill a mere 4 months after buying the car. I am fortunate to have two cars so at least I can get about while she is being serviced, although the other is a crappy little old nissan micra ...not quite the same performance from a 1.0 engine ahahahha Elise parts items are almost here (tracked) so these will be fitted along with the new cap and then to Wallasey for a diagnostic on these problems ! God help my bank account
  7. Ok ... next update if nothing else but to give some of you a bloody good laugh So I had made an appointment with the Rover Specialist and took the car to him at 2pm only for the prat to turn around and tell me he couldn't lift the car using their equipment, so essentially wasted yesterday and got no further at all. Disapointed was an understatement !! Having had no luck with either of the previous garages I decided to call one of my customers who is a specialist tyre company, they also have a mechanical dept. Being one of my clients I felt I could at least be assured they would give me an honest opinion So took the car down this morning, they lifted it and we opened up the second panel from the back .. it would appear that some fluid from the coolant is possibly leaking from the cap ? But the question is would this cause the smell ? I have ordered a new cap incase this is the cause and also new brake pads and discs for the rear as these need replacing now but can't help wondering why it is so difficult to locate a problem such as this more easily ? So far almost everything has been a possiblity and I really can't afford to replace bit by bit until I finally locate what is causing this !! Really wish there was a Lotus garage nearer to Blackpool however it is looking more and more like I will have to travel quite far to get this looked at properly by a Lotus dealer. Any thoughts regards this ??
  8. Hello Gunter Thanks for the info, I have a 2002 Elise S2 so that should not be a problem should it ?, however tomorrow should prove not only interesting but informative when I get underneath the car, since I need to learn as much about this as possible now. Regards Gav
  9. Well, for anyone even remotely interested quick update on today .... Went to the garage having made an appointment to see the guy at 10am, and no-one was there lol not so reputable ! Headed home and looked up a Rover specialist in Red Marsh Ind Est, went down and he had a scan over and sniffed the engine. He reckoned it smelled like the clutch (which I had discounted?) but having driven it agreed that the clutch and movement etc seemed perfectly fine. He was unable to hoist the car and get underneath due to current work but will look and see tomorrow. I did however have worn brake pads and discs at the back which are now being replaced. Fingers crossed its not the clutch ! Will post my findings tomorrow Fortunately this guy knows lotus elise cars pretty well and his friend has owned 4 of them ? Wonder if this friend is one of you guys ??
  10. Hello all , sorry never got back regards this. It was merely me being very paranoid as I had only just bought the car, can only assume it was moisture in the exhaust as it never happened again Thanks again though for all your replies and suggestions.
  11. Well more investigation has produced a variety of possibilities, which now makes it very hard to determine what exactly is the problem. Have been told this won't likely be the alternator by PNM in Wallasey. He said I would have various other problems if it was the alternator ; would not start or would provide error warnings and lights. Its quite strange as the temperature remains at around 78-83d and isn't over heating or anything else. He suggested the following potential issues :- 1. Exhaust bung come loose, broken off and possibly burning due to the level of heat in this area ? 2. Exhaust breakage 3. Catalyst problem 4. Brakes can stick - checked for brown opaque colour on discs and also calipers - not present and produces smell upon starting car without using the brakes 5. Heatshield come away and burning ? Am unable to see much, but nothing visible to the eye 6. Clutch - Irradicated this as I have not driven the car to extreme and smell produced without reving or using clutch I have called a local lotus guy (not sure how reputable) and will take the car down tomorrow for him to have a scan over, hopefully he can identify where the problem is coming from ... will keep you all posted however any further input greatly welcomed. Thanks again all
  12. Thanks for the tips so far, have eliminated the clutch as I really didn't rev her enough to have done that. I have checked the oil and no gunk so not the head gasket going on me which I gather was a problem with the earlier 2001 K series. So this points to the alternator as GKP suggests, however without removing the engine floor panel I am unable to look at this I have however fired her up again just now and checked to see if anything was happening and sure enough the smell appeared again (almost smelt like chlorine ? - maybe just me ! ) anyway it produced quite a lot of heat just behind the oil tank and therefore coming from just below this where I presume the alternator sits ? I have looked about and seen these at varying prices (suggestions welcome) but also wondered if this is something I can fit myself with little knowledge of fixing cars ? I have refered to this article to guide me > Thanks all in advance
  13. Thanks GKP Is there anything else it could be other than this ? Just so I can do as many checks as possible to ensure I am tackling the problem. Also how easy is it to fit another one, can I do it myself or will I have to take it somewhere ? Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated. Gav
  14. Hello all ... Been a while since I logged onto the forums, more or less because of the great weather and the fact I have only owned the car since May so have been happily driving her as much as possible, anyway ramble over and to the point :- The car has been great so far and has only had a fuse go since I got her however today I went out for a while - very sunny day and parked up on Blackpool Prom, all was well, got back in 20 minutes later and set off (did rev her a bit tho) then all of a sudden could smell something like we had been burning rubber ? I pulled over quickly and inspected the engine/exhaust for smoke or anything but there was nothing but a funny smell (kind of hard to explain what it smelt like) the engine was quite hot tho, so got her home and checked the oil and topped up with water, left her for an hour and then took her for a very quick spin, this time only a very mild smell and still no smoke or anything apparent ! So now she is in the garage awaiting you guys expertise / suggestions before I take her to get looked at . Please help me - she is my pride and joy Gavin
  15. Ok so you have me worried now like this engine is gonna cause me alsorts of problems ? I am far from knowledgable about cars, websites and graphics yes, cars - NO lol so anything that needs doing will have to be carried out by a proper garage as I would prob make a hash of it I am guessing this K series is the one known for the head gasket issues and other probs ? (looks at meager bank account) Oh F*** Will keep an eye on coolant level, only just topped this up and have done at least 800miles since I got her and only needed topping up a little now. Any other input or suggestions regards this / and the car welcomed, think the more I know now the better !
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