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  1. 61GT

    Evora GT430

    Just realised you've bought one - Congratualtions great choice. If I was currently in the position to be buying that kind of car that's where my money would be going too.
  2. Still likely to be an August date at Brands or earlier in the year at a different circuit? Thanks, George
  3. Just realised that auto-correct must have altered S-E-L-O-C to the playground
  4. Any update on whether next years Lotus Festival is still going ahead? According to the playground this years will be the last one. Thanks, George
  5. 61GT


  6. Al, I'll also try and post some links to sites with some fantastic pictures showing just what you describe above. The Ingliston Revival Facebook pages are also worth a for some great photographs as is Youtube for the onboard footage taken from a Formula Vauxhall Lotus although you may have to search on Ingleston!
  7. Hi, I'll be travelling up in my S1 Elise from Aylesbury (Buckinghamshire) for this event and plan to be there on both the Saturday and Sunday. Not sorted out tickets yet but I will get them in the next day or so. I used to go to Ingliston in the early 70s and have many happy memories of watching the racing there, Doug Niven, Bill Dryden, Andy Barton, Tony Charnell, Norman Dickson are just a few of the many names I can remember like it was yesterday. Funnily enough I was at Edinburgh on Sunday and took the opportunity to go along to the track with our youngest son, still can't believe how tight the circuit was and how close to the cars the crowds used to be! George
  8. 78. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it as I've not been able to get the car MOT'd in time. Now trying to get it ready for next weeks Jim Clark weekend in Duns. Hope everyone who's going has a great time.
  9. Seems to be quite a few people in there, as I work in London I will definitely go and take a look next week.
  10. It was!, not sure that Alain de Cadanet did himself any favours either. All-in-all a very odd programme, lots of chat but little/no actual racing.
  11. Sounds like DRB are actually focussing on building and selling cars rather than PR at present. Seems a much better approach to me at least.
  12. Just read that as well - clearly a well-researched piece !!!!!
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