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  1. Yes i retensioned the belt and both wires are attached, the manin earth strap appears to be okay.
  2. Hi any ideas, new alternator and Battery and yet warning light does not go off after starting?<BR><BR>pezzer
  3. Hi all, would anyone have a decent water pump for a S3 Turbo lying around and would part with it for some readies? Pezzer
  4. Hey guys can you remove the water pump with the engine in? Pezzer
  5. hi all,water pump removal from a 83 turbo, can this be done with the engine in, I have an alternator issue so that is already out. this is when i noticed a drip from the weep hole on the pump. Pezzer
  6. Hi would anyone know from what car these Lucas Dash light dimmers were sourced by lotus for a 1983 turbo? They are an all metal switch with 78545a0582 stamped on them. Pezzer
  7. hi all , just kicking back with a beer thinking finally all electrics are working properly , when Lotus karma kicked in. Smoke arising from the dash binnacle, quicly cutting all power to the car and pulling the dash apart, like a F1 pit crew, I noticed that the left side dash dimmer was super hot. Checking that it was as the right side, I have come to the conclusion that a new one is needed, so the question is where should I LOOK? Pezzer
  8. Looked at those on ebay but I would rather the original type, what car would they be from?
  9. Hi all where is the source for the ashtrays on the S3,(ALMOST THERE). Are they MGB?,mine are fulled of rust from leaking seals, they are all sorted now, just need the ashtrays. Pezzer
  10. Hi, everyone, is there someone who knows where to source the cigarette lighters foa a guigario turbo esprit 1983? Thanks pezzer.
  11. Decided to pull it apart anyway sparyed with electrical contact spray and unbelievably its perfect. A GOOD LOTUS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Okay fuel sender out and its catus, where to source a new one? Thought that iI might pull it apart but I really cannot see the point as it was stuck in the float down position and had to be forcably freed.
  13. Thats what I believe ,as we drive onthe same side here in Australia.
  14. I will sort it tomorrow, by the way anyone searching for reverse switch , I found these on ebay . uk 390200681391
  15. Hi just up the road from you on the Gold Coast, mine is a UK Right hand drive.
  16. Thanks that save a lot of work.
  17. Hi everyone could someone help with the location of the fuel sender on a 1983 Turbo Guigario? I dont want to be pulling off parts that do not need to be removed. Perry
  18. Hi guys, can anyone help with regard the rear fog lights. I have no power to the switch where is it energised from. on the switch plug there is :1 Blue/Red which I believe is the feed to the lights, 1 Red/Yellow which I guess is the main feed to the switch as it loops to the switch lamp, and finally a Black which is the earth for the switch lamp. Whilst I am here the wiring on the back of the fuel sender : 1 live light green wire to one contact , 1 green/black to the second terminal, is this correct as my tank level is not indicated. Many Thanks Perry
  19. Hi is anyone able to tell me the best source for the switches in the dash of my S3, trying to find alternative parts listing for these is proving very difficult. Thanks Perry
  20. Definitely no spark on 3rd cylinder. Where on the carby is the idle jet ?
  21. Hi, I have a firing problem on my Guigario turbo, and have gone through these steps to no avail. Replaced leads/ replaced coil/ Replaced plugs and fuel. The engine will only run on 3 cylinders with the third cylinder back from the cam wheel refusing to fire. I have also noticed that if I move the cover containing coil and lumention module the engine cuts out, I have removed and repressed on the coil ht lead to the dizzy, made no difference checked the plug on the shrouded module lead no difference. If it is only firing on 3 could this be the Dizzy cap?
  22. Could anyone please tell me what the original coil fitted to a 1983 Guigario Esprit Turbo would be and what are the replacement options. I do not want to replace the whole system. Thanks.
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