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  1. Sorry for the long delay answering your post...... The datum overlap is against the OEM data, in the event this is wrong i would know that since the calibration is my industry... All looks good, so at the moment i'm going to change the suspension once GAZ suspension gets off the pot and then it will be the bushings, although they appear fine?
  2. As said she has a new MOT, i have checked the bushings/ joints and Geo and all appears good, i'm going to change to GAZ coilovers but maintain the OEM ride height so the roll centres are spot on and go from there really...... As we know the older car had some oddities regarding the chassis positions and the Esprit expresses some of them but this what i would describe as "bump steer" is so aggressive. I've checked the suspension and suspension pick up points and the radii's are unremarkable.
  3. Really...... I wasn't looking for that but if they are loose it would explain things. To be honest this handling is really disappointing, i literally have to hold the wheel with both hands or it's off into the bush time. It's not a pull it's a bolt to one side or another depending on the road variation. I will check the rack bolts, thanks for the heads up on that, and I'll change to the new GAZ suspension and blog that here it I'm allowed? then as said I'll change the bushings despite the fact they passed the MOT and look fine.
  4. Again thanks for your replies. GAZ already make coilovers for the Esprit but as a "thank you" to me they are giving me a set of mono tube. I don't make suspension so how they determine rates and valving is not my area. The current suspensions 19yld so since the GAZ are free i have nothing to lose. In the event she still handles poor after the coil install, I'll change the bushings regardless.
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone... @ GKB. I set the chassis to stock positions. @ Bibs. I have every faith in GAZ, the dampers will be single point bump/ rebound adjustable and coils suited for the cars weight, i'm not going to lower the car below the stock height.
  6. Geometry is my field so i know the chassis is ok, GAZ are making the suspension for free as a kind of "thank you", so no complaints there. Tyres are wearing fine. I'm not sure of the model, but it's this Sorry Sparky i'm booked until Monday.
  7. As said in a previous thread my Esprit is downright dangerous to drive, any bump or imperfection in the road the car will dart off left or right. It's recently had an MOT, nevertheless i've checked all the bushings etc and all looks good, in addition i've measured and calibrated the chassis so that's all good but it still does it. I noticed in the service history that it had one? front coil replaced so i'm thinking this could be the criminal. Fortunately i have a good relationship with GAZ suspension and they have agreed to make me some mono-tube coilovers, this is good and bad, the good is that they are free, the bad is that i wanted to keep everything original..
  8. If you could pop in that would be great, i'll get it on the geometry ramp and you can show what's what.
  9. Let's just say your cars rekindled my interest ..... Thanks for the replies everyone it's been a great help.
  10. Have to agree there, the sound is awesome but the handling is dire? The car only passed the MOT last week but somethings wrong! I measured the Geometry and that's fine so i can only assume this is a suspension issue.
  11. Kick my cat i'm still not sure which version i have? Seemingly it's right on a year change "typical".... From the picture can anyone tell me if it's an S3..... If not i'm going to kick my cat again. A fluffy cats dot is in jeopardy now so unless i get an answer Tigger will be seen on Heathrow's radar...... Only kidding.
  12. I'm in trouble, totally lost in this S4, MK9 Injection malarkey..... Let's back track on why i'm so thick on the topic... Two years ago i opened a company and it's doing well, at 46 my boyhood arena was the Esprit and the Countach, last year i looked for the Countach but they were all donkey's, after seeing several i abandoned ship for the winter cos they were utter pants with a price range of 10k to 30k? Last month i resumed my search and the Esprit appeared, seemingly unmolested with a full history and at the right price, i paid the asking price so not to insult the seller and here i am, some 20yrs out of touch with a 1990's supercar. Most would think it's criminal i don't know what version i've bought but in my defence it's the one i fell in love with when my willy was little, lol.
  13. Thanks for the reply.... It's this type I must read real thick but this Esprit was a dream car/shape and this one became available 20yrs after my first wet dream, i'm just trying to play adult catchup.
  14. I have recently bought a 1991 2.2 Esprit Turbo, what series is this? Is it an S3? Coat ready, head on block, pants down, please be gentle....
  15. Thanks for the replies everyone, i appreciate your time and knowledge on the topic.
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