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  1. Maybe next year. I should try to get a good camera for a good video production. I've been thinking of it for years but never had the time. I hope next year...
  2. It's not a real 0-100 video because I tried to go easy on the clutch. But I think it gives a little feeling of that great engine and how much fun it is to drive the car
  3. Thank you! I know that the video is nothing special, but something different with the onboard views I think. Hope many users are going to enjoy it.
  4. Great people, nice cars excelent weather and much fun:) For Germans with GEMA problems try this link over proxy:
  5. Where do you buy the Toyos? What's the exact name of the Toyo?
  6. Hi! Which tyres should I buy for my Sport 300? Any suggestions? The original tyres aren`t avaialable anymore in the stores... Greetz from Austria
  7. Hi! I need new tyres (rear and front) for the S300. The problem is, that the original Goodyears are not available anymore. The only 315/35-17 tyre I can find is from Vredestein (not bad IMO) but If I decide to buy this one what tyre should I use for the front wheels? Are there any S300 owners with experiences with new tyres? I think I don't want to use semi-slicks... Greetz from Austria, DJ58 PS: Are there any contact informations where I could ask if nobody here can help?
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