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  1. Aston, GT40 or GT3? Thought the Aston for a change..... TimB
  2. Careful not to run it too long with the back clip open unless the exhaust exits are different to mine! Looks nice. TimB
  3. Sorry Ian, I'll be in Taunton that day and won't be back in time. TimB
  4. Yes, it's the Living Daylights model - at least after it was "winterised" ! I've always liked the Matra Bagheera too - nice car! TimB
  5. No, it's just a standard V8, the only change is the later wheels (since the original massive Avon truck tyres are rubbish)....... TimB
  6. For me - getting this back after an 18 month restoration: TimB
  7. We do try, but are faced with ridiculous targets - for example I'm expected to make a diagnosis within 25 days, which is fair enough, but I usually need a scan result - unfortunately, the average CT takes 21 days to get reported, and an MRI takes 38 days (both by a different Trust / Hospital). How I'm supposed to meet my target therefore is a mystery to me..... Add in 20% budget cut for my service over last year and the next 4, with an expectation of seeing 30% more patients and it's hard for me personally to stay positive. But hey, ho - at least I'm on leave for the next few weeks. TimB
  8. Fantastic result! I'm really, really pleased............. TimB
  9. Hi Ian, Agree, it was a great game - in fact most of this T20 has been pretty good, probably due to the improved atmosphere at the games with instruments etc being allowed in again. Can't wait for this afternoon's final, but I have my doubts about beating the Aussies on a bouncy pitch in Barbados...... Mind you, we've got enough South Africans to do the job! Tim B
  10. It's a GTD40, built by a very nice man (not me!)in 1989ish, which I've only had for a couple of years. Rover 3.5 (no Ford V8), but that was what I wanted as have rover V8's in my Land Rover and MGB too and I believe in having spares! I really like it, it's one of the few cars that makes the Esprit look ordinary next to it. Had the option at the time of buying a Ferrari 308GTB from the same chap, but preferred the GT40. Again, it just looked more special. Some more pics when it was clean..... Tim B
  11. I quite like mine - it does mean I don't have to worry about binning £250,000 of racing history every time I go out! TimB
  12. No problem there then: Ginger - check Swindon - check Space - no current plans He does appear to be called Tim though...... Tim B
  13. Did I mention I was a Ginger too? At least I don't read the Sun....... Tim B
  14. Franklyn Edgerton here...... Tim B
  15. Thanks Mark - some of it is still original - the steering column springs to mind! Now a little uprated with 3.5 V8,uprated brakes,springs+dampers,leather upholstery and 5th, soon to be 6th respray! Tim B
  16. MGB 1977, when I was 16 and Dad was working in the Sates. It stayed over there and got resprayed from Teal Blue to white. Then it was black, now it's blue again: First car in this country - mini 998cc, sadly caught fire whilst driving it so went on to Mk 1 escort rally car, NUO 855G, complete with 2.0l pinto and twin '40's. No pictures of this three colour beauty survive (two-tone blue and primer on the forest arches) - but I loved it! Tim B
  17. I use mine most days as my daily runner (except when the sun shines, so yes, most days!) It makes driving to work and around the Cornish countryside so much more enjoyable.... Tim B
  18. Thank you - I thought it might be one of the bundle of earths that goes onto the battery - obviously the wire has broken as I've already undone those connections on the terminal and cleaned them and there's no continuity from battery to pump wire. I've run an alternative earth and all runs again! Tim B
  19. Right, have identified problem - it's the pump earth wire - everything else is fine. Does anyone know where this earth wire goes - it disappears off into a big loom above the ECU? Tim B
  20. Thanks for that - have done one, two and four (my immobiliser kills cranking as well) Now need the 80mph gales to subside so I can go have a look again without getting stunned by the hatchback. If the ECU stops the pump, why does it usually spin up and then stop, before the engine starts? Is that just a pressure effect? Or isn't that the noise I usually hear - it's not the vac pump - that's more grindy. Now I'm starting to doubt I used to even hear a noise with ignition on, but I think I did! Also could anyone confirm that I'm poking the right wires - what colour should they be? Will check cranking revs in am - never even noticed that showing before either.... Tim B
  21. Dear All, Am in need of technical assistance please! My GT3 (daily driver) has been fine up until this morning when it failed to start. Engine spins, but not even a cough. Now, it had a new fuel pump and tanks last year and I am certain I can't hear the pump running. Vac pump runs ok, but I can't hear anything else. All fuses in rear seem ok (checked with multimeter). I've swapped the relays which in theory operate the pump, according to the owners manual. Could someone please confirm which is the fuel pump wiring for me - there is a two pin connector by the ECU which looks a likely culprit (and is dead with multimeter and ignition on) so I'm assuming there must also be a pressure sensor to turn the pump off when up to pressure? Where is it? I've checked the inertia switch isn't popped (unlikely as has been parked in the drive all night). Any more clues would be very welcome - tonight's examination has been a bit perfunctory due to driving rain, wind and busy day at work..... Tim B
  22. Main beam is ok - it just all goes dark when I'm on dip! Tim B
  23. As a fellow GT3 owner I would tend to agree with a lot of those points, particularly when the rain is really (even for Cornwall) heavy. Standing water plus wide low profile tires and relatively low weight is a slightly interesting proposition, as is the windscreen glare and slightly ineffective wiper! I would also add that the headlights are frighteningly poor and I'm like you in hating eye-level HID headlamps either behind me or in front. Add in the previously mentioned Cornish trait of driving on your back bumper, especially when wet, as well as the interesting Cornish habit of speeding up if it gets dark or when you can't see due to spray / rain / hail of frogs etc and it all becomes quite stressful. Roll on spring.... Tim B
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