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  1. This: Although sadly only mine for the day...... Tim B
  2. I so wanted to go but knackered my back so spend the week lying on the floor instead....... The very nice man who built my GTD40 was going and was contemplating taking his (genuine) 355 so he could get in and park for free - how's that for reverse snobbery? Tim B
  3. Before I replaced the fuel tank on my MGB, it would have a habit of blocking the fuel pickup with all the accumulated gunge in the tank - the quick (on the side of the road) fix was to pull off the line at the pump and blow through it until you heard bubbles..... This happened more often when there was less fuel in the tank, presumably because the particulate debris was suspended in a smaller volume, so more likely to completely clog the mesh filter on the bottom of the pick up. Tim B
  4. Somebody voted for these people.......... I suspect if all residential speed limits were 20mph then pedestrian injuries would increase as I would get so frustrated I would feel the need to lamp a few round the side of the head when I saw them! 30mph I can accept and usually do stick to it (except one particular stretch which extends a mile past any signs of civilization for no particular reason at all). At least I've got some horses too, I might take up galloping past speed cameras and see if we can get them banned as well! Tim B
  5. I'm not a big fan of modern Beemers either.......! Although, driver-wise, Audi seem to be the new BMW, in that they will never move over on the motorway and if behind you do like to sit nice and close! Tim B
  6. I suppose the only worry is the "Boys In Blue" association........... Tim B
  7. No, GT Legends is the best - because you can drive both a Lotus Elan and a GT40....... Tim B
  8. Me too - maybe I can get the Cornwall franchise...........! Good juice though and just got a Screwdriver which is truly brilliant. Tim B
  9. Go electronic - you know it makes sense...... Totally Wicked E-Cigs I'm, as they say, loving it! Oh, I should mention I have no shares in the company, but wish I did! Tim B
  10. I've got a porter cable polisher and I have to say it is incredibly good, especially on the GT3 yellow paint which tends to go a bit dull. About once a year I make a huge effort and reshine the fleet..... Tim B
  11. I feel your pain, Ian - mine was one of the Esprits in SWLC.......... It's back now though, felt fantastic driving it home yesterday (after the lovely Proton loan car!) Hope it's nothing too terminal, Tim B
  12. "Gator Grip" is the name of the universal socket.... This Place Sells Them Tim B PS - also saw this EBay Wheel Nuts Not sure from the picture if it's the same?
  13. I can't agree with a custodial sentence either. As others have mentioned, other crimes don't seem to carry the same punishments. Perhaps he forgot to mention he came from a broken home and had to spend all day procreating and appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show, innit? I'm sure then he would have got a good 1/2 hour's community service order and had his Sky box upgraded by the government to help him cope with the stresses of day to day life. Motorists are just an easy target for this country's government. Fine him, yes, ban him, yes, but prison for a traffic offense - no. Tim B
  14. Mine's in getting the tanks changed at the moment and whilst the engine is out, thought it would make sense to look at the manifold - cracked apparently! 60,000 mile 1997 GT3 Tim B
  15. I'm such a bad passenger that I go narcoleptic as soon as the engine starts. If I'm not driving, might as well sleep, that's my motto! Wish my cars were fast enough to stun passengers though - the best I've managed before was to drive fast enough in the MGB (with the top down) to blow my passenger's skirt up to an interesting position....... (by the way, it does have a V8 conversion and she wouldn't let go of the door handle!) Tim B
  16. doct93

    Poor me...

    I'd better go and open a bottle of Chardonnay to have in my hot tub then......... Tim B
  17. Now there's a traffic calming measure I'd vote for. Not sure how well it would work outside schools though! Think accident figures may go up slightly at the deployment sites, but I'm sure we could spin those figures away, just like all the others relating to road safety seem to have been...... Tim B
  18. I know it's got a hard drive, but I love my Samsung NC10 - got it for Christmas and am well impressed. Battery life is 6+ hours and it runs XP beautifully. Even quick enough to run some (older) games - Deus Ex is a classic example that runs really smoothly. The keyboard is really good too, even if my typing isn't! Tim B
  19. doct93


    Even got snow in Cornwall! Tim B
  20. I can't make it, I'm afraid - anyway the GT3 is stinking of petrol and I have a horrible feeling it's the tank leaking..... Tim B
  21. Well, I have to admit it isn't the crispest change in the world, but to be honest I don't notice anymore - you really do get used to it. There is a lot written about it's vulnerability, but mostly it's only an issue with very high output engines when 2nd gear can be a touch fragile. By high output, I'm meaning 350bhp+ so a standard S4S should be fine. I've put 40000 miles on my GT3 without an issue (other than a clutch or two, oh and a shed load of rear tyres) and tend to be fairly "spirited" in driving style. Stainless clutch hose is a must to make selecting 1st easier, most will have been changed by now and if not, it's easy and cheap to do. Tim B
  22. Takes me back to the glory days of Terry Bradshaw and Jack Lambert - both of whose posters I used to have.... I've still got my number 12 shirt knocking around somewhere! Tim B
  23. There is this place if you're in the extreme South West! Morgan Hire Tim B
  24. Plus, if you have a puncture, the (rear) wheel you take off doesn't fit anywhere but in the passenger seat....... I'm fairly sure the GT3 didn't have a spare from new anyway - mine doesn't! Tim B
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