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  1. I've probably got a few old DIMMS lying about as well - I don't recall ever throwing anything away.....! Does mean there is a stack of boxes filled with old PC parts up to the ceiling in the spare room though! Tim B
  2. Did you only have to set the date once? Now presumably can't access the BIOS as it hangs before the POST screen? Have you tried restting the CMOS via the jumper on the mainboard? Potentially seems like a faulty mainboard, but try to boot with as few components attached as possible ie power, cpu, ram and video only. Double check the connections from the PSU, there are all sorts of extra power connections to the board / chip these days, not always just the big ATX connector. Beep codes (if any) can be a big help. We need more information! Tim B
  3. Welcome to the fold! I always get embarrassed looking at pictures of shiny Esprit's 'cos mine always looks so grubby! Mind you, it's in for the yearly service and wash at the moment, so might look ok again soon...... Tim B
  4. Wet shave here - badger brush, shave soap or cream (Geo F Trumper Lime), DE safety razor - usually a Merkur Slant with Derby Extra blade. Lots more related here: Badger and Blade Tim B
  5. ...and my bits of plastic are mostly now lying in the drive.... Tim B
  6. I couldn't resist - more British Beef, vicar? Tim B
  7. Ian - hoorah - I can send e-mails today! You've got mail! Tim
  8. Kimbers - are you saying you don't have it on PC? Shame on you! Tim B
  9. The GT3 door lock relay is definitely in the passenger footwell, on the bulkhead and is a SAAB one if I recall..... Tim B
  10. Kind of related - anyone play Company of Heroes online? The Mrs and I play most nights but only vs the computer as everone else gives us a kicking! Tim B
  11. Ian, You've got mail - your message box is full! Tim B Edit - no you haven't, it won't send! Make some space in your PM inbox! Tim
  12. Well, got home safely and relatively stress-free, in spit of the p*ssing rain all the way home. Managed to tank the GT40 along nicely (legally all the way, obviously)! Just wanted to say that it was nice to see you all today and hope to meet up again soon. Christmas lunch is next? Tim B
  13. Sunday should be fine for me- 10.30 will be pushing it though - might just see you there! Tim B
  14. doct93


    Been hailing and sleeting here all day - lovely..... Tim B
  15. That is a bit of a snag admittedly! Actually, it really does take some getting used to, but makes GT legends even more interactive. Force Feedback G25 wheel, GT40 (gulf colours natch) and Zolder makes for a fab time..... Tim B
  16. Every work day for me usually - about 200 miles per week. Tim B
  17. Depends a bit on your desk setup - I wouldn't actually want the 24's to be any bigger as it would be like sitting on the front row of the cinema, where you have to physically move your head to see the left and right of the screen! Now having a three monitor setup, with the two side monitors showing the side views of race sims (GT Legends is the king) would be very impressive..... For flight sims and racing, I've got something called the Track IR, which is good fun although you have to wear a hat! It basically tracks your head movement so you can actually turn your head to look out of the side windows - good in car sims but I would think it would be pretty handy in flight sims too. Tim B
  18. He's got some spinal cord compression which has gradually worsened over the last few years - hence the wheels! Seem to suit him ok though - it's more often seen in German Shepherds who can get it quite young. He's nearly 16...... Tim B
  19. I'll take the GT40 if the weather's dry..... Tim B
  20. The answer to my parking problems! I can buy more cars.....! Tim B
  21. My Grandfather had a rather interesting accolade - he was one of, if not the first POW's. He was shot down in a Blenheim over the channel on sept 4th 1939. There was a commemorative painting done by Gerald Coulson on the 50th anniversary which my grandfather signed - I've got one on the wall. You can see it here: The First Blow Tim B
  22. Yes, it's a problem recognising the SATA drive - you need to run setup from the XP disk and add the drivers (F6 during setup if I recall). Should then be able to install ok! Tim B
  23. H'mm - interesting - big screen but with the same number of pixels as my 24" screens - might be a bit grainy to look at. Tim B
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