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  1. Hi all! The model is looking more complete now let me know what you think of it...all opinions welcome Go to for more images
  2. The model has now got the fabric stretched over it giving it its bodywork. See more pictures on my blog
  3. ok, in response to John first your point about aerodynamic stability is a good question and something I have given a lot of though about. The idea of using fabric in the first place was to experiment what a Lotus could be in it's most extreme sense. Like you say the fabric would be very light and this is what I want so that I can propose a Lotus that performs even more so to their philosophy of performance through lightwieght. The Fabric would be a lycra/spandex material that has a stretchable quality, it would be layered with a polyurethane coat that would protect it and make it water-resistant. During high speeds the fabric would flex as you say due to the aerodynamic loads. A relatively new technology called d3o is having great success mainly in sports products. The technology absorbs high impacts, it is an engineered material made up of intelligent molecules that move under normal movement. However, as soon as there is an impact or stress on the material the molecules lock together to create an extremely strong and rigid structure. For my concept I propose that there could be layers of this where the aerodynamic loads are at their greatest. Hope that explains my thought process about the choice of material, thanks for the comment and keep checking the blog In response to Gunter, hopefully the above has answered the query about the material. With the question on NCAP safety issues this is of course an important one, but however for a student project to meet NCAP specifications is probably going a bit too far. The purpose of a concept is to push ideas forward, to experiment with what could be done and to ask 'what if?' To answer the problem of someone ending up in your passenger seat, the material would act just like the bodywork of vehicles today. In most cases the body panels are purely there to give the vehicle its sculpture and form. The important parts that protect you and other road uses lie beneath the bodywork. The interior capsule that I have designed into the vehicle is a safety cell, I wrote in my blog that It would be the same idea as in an F1 car where in a high impact crash everything around the drivers capsule is sacrificed in order to absorb the impact and save the driver/passengers from fatal injuries. My concept would adopt this principle. The reason for using the material for the bodywork instead of metals or composite materials is to create a very light weight vehicle that keeps the centre of gravity as low as possible. long post I know but hope it helps explain things p.s. Transportation design at Northumbria falls under design not engineering.
  4. opps! Thanks for the tip I have edited the post, but just to make it clear the address is Cheers!
  5. Hi all, so, some of you might of posted a comment on my topics or meet me at the Lotus/TVR meeting at Brands Hatch back in January but just to remind you... My name is Jack Lamburn and I am a final year student studying Transportation Design at Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne. Since January I have been working on a hydrogen powered Lotus concept vehicle. My design process has taken me in various directions and through a wide range of processes, now I am coming up to the completion of my project and I wanted to share it with the forum. Over the past 6 weeks I have been updating a blog that explains how the concept has gone from research, persona development, sketching, sketch modelling, etc, and all the way through to my 1/4 scale model which is due to be finished at the end of May. What I want is for people to get involved in the final stages of my project by following my blog and commenting on it through this topic. It would be great to get some feedback from the people who have a real passion for the Lotus brand. The blog address is I will be exhibiting the project at two shows one in Newcastle between the 16th and 25th of June and also in London at the New Designers show in London between the 7th and 11th of July. On my blog their is a link to my online portfolio with other projects for you to look at if you are interested and my personal email address if you wish to contact me that way. If you would like anymore information please feel free to contact me Thank you for taking the time to look through this and I look forward to hearing your thoughts cheers Jack
  6. Hey Peter That sounds great! Hope the arm recovers well! Cheers Jack
  7. Hey all Thanks for the great day, it was definately worth the trip down from Newcastle! Thanks to all those who I spoke to and for letting me sit in their cars. Especially to Bibs for the ride in the Esprit, it was awesome! I'll be posting up news about my design project soon for you to comment on if you want to get involved Cheers Jack
  8. Maybe new was the wrong word to of used, what i meant was the ones still in production.
  9. Hey, Thank you to those who have offered me a ride! Looks i will be making the trip down I will be in a crappy white corsa, no Lotus for me:(...yet! cheers Jack
  10. In response to you Colin, the reaso for my survey is that for my concept and following a design process I need to have shown that I have researched my user market. I have created a market map of what sort of people are buying Lotus'. By doing this it should show a possible segment in which to place and aim my concept at. On the map I have placed Lotus' current compitors and see how they compare. The questions mainly are comparing depending on how much you earn if your Lotus is a primary or secondary vehicle. I have found (so far) by the results and speaking to local dealership, that owners of elises/exiges who but them brand new usually between mid 30s and 40s and can afford around 33k on what is essentially a toy, but this user group doesn't have much loyalty to Lotus. Most of the hard core enthuasiasts tend to but second hand elises/exiges and keep them for much longer than their first owners, and are a lot more loyal to Lotus as a brand. Again secondary vehicle use. Europas weren't a great seller but usaully bought because of the larger boot space, easier to get in and it offered a more comfortable ride. It's early days for the Evora but i've classed it as a serious purchase which due to it's cost and the type owner will be used as a primary vehicle. I've only categorised new models as altough the feedback on people who own older Lotus' have provided great infomation for research purposes I need to keep it at what Lotus are offering currently. I have been approached by the forum to write up an article about the project which I am happy to do once have a clear direction as right now the concept is in its early stages. I am proposing that it be an on going article where the forum can comment and leave suggestions./opinions on the design. I will post my market map to see if you agree and then when the project gets to the exciting stage of sketching and 3D development the forum can comment on this as well Hope this has answered you question, I am going down to the meeting at brands hatch on sunday so hopefully will speak to some of you then. Cheers Jack
  11. Hey all! Some of you may already have read some topics of mine and know who I am but if not I am a transportation design student working on a Lotus concept. I am thinking about coming down to Brands Hatch for the meeting. It would be great to have a chat about you and your cars, also would anyone be willing to take for a spin in their Lotus so I can experience what it's like and learn more about why you enjoy them. Just asking these questions now as I will be coming down from Newcastle so wanted to know if it would be worth coming such a long way? Hope you can help Many thanks Jack
  12. Yeah sure I can give you the average results when I have collected them all and sorted it. What I can say is a lot of you people own Esprits, anyone with Elises or Exiges get involved, could do with your input! Many thanks
  13. Hey all, I am a student studying transportation design at Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne. I am currently in the process of designing a concept for Lotus. Recently I started a topic about alternative drivetrains and fuels which some of you might have come across (if not check it out!). I have created an online survey which I would be very grateful if you could complete. It's only 5 simple questions and will only take a minute or two at the most, Promise It is completely anonymous and the infomation provided will only be used by me, Just click on the url below http://www.eSurveysP...75-cd2ecbafe4b8 Many thanks in advance for your help Jack
  14. Great comments guys, definately giving me lots to think about. With any concept it's too easy just to chuck new technology at it or and alternative drivetrain without much consoderation to who it's being aimed at. So your responses are really helping. I've just created a really quick online survey for the forum to take part in if they wish too. It is completely anonymous and the infomation will only be used by me. It's five simple questions that will take no longer than a minute or two, promise! Just click on the url below, Many thanks in advance for completing it
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