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  1. Does anyone out there shoot? I am looking for a good first gun for the GF and would be willing to trade Pistons and Liners or head and block for a Lanber/Franchi/AYA/Laurona/Bettinsolo/Rizzini etc 28" 12gauge Let me know thanks DB
  2. Just how young are you? there are a few guys under 25 on her with SE's and G Cars but I have a feeling if you are the expensive side of 25 you wont get a GT3 insured for less than
  3. Afraid it went last night, turned out my main reason for giving it away went (friends selling house decided not to) but being a gentlemen I thought I couldn't let down another fellow esprit owner! Hope he makes good use! DB
  4. I have an S2 Chassis rumoured to be a Hazzard chassis, It is free to whom ever wants it as my borrowed garage suddenly has to be vacated quickly (the owners are splitting up and selling the house!) The chassis is in Frimley Surrey, not far from the M3 PM me DB
  5. Just found the cheapest fix, head torch from local camping shop,
  6. Thanks Pete and Bibs, Bibs, that link scared the living bjesus out of me, nearly went down the candle route, although the traditional smell of petrol put me off! I will attempt the task this week, does anyone know which bulbs they are? Thanks
  7. Ok so I am going to try and replace the rev counter bulb, any clues it looks like a nightmare! Thanks DB
  8. This may sound silly, but mine had an overly lumpy idle when I picked it up, I was convinced it was the carb set up (i.e. runnning to rich) after 10 minutes fiddling I realised the Choke cable had slipped in the sleeve thus was permanently a little open despite that fact it was pushed all the way in, it was just enough to make her run a bit rough. Fix cable and voila a car that starts everytime wihtout any need for a choke. DB
  9. Thats me gents! Gutted does not begin to describe it but sadly we need the money for a 4x4 and the new flat. I was having a rather frustrating day at the woking show after some guy thought hurling abuse at me was a good past time. why do I always attract the nutters? IF anyone is interested I was the car at Stoneleigh 05 also, yes the one with the starter motor problem (it has been replaced!) I have to sell her real soon as the flat is going through and the Horse needs the 4x4 (still don't know how it will reach the peddles) If anyone wants to make me a reasonable of
  10. Thanks everyone great tips, The bit that has broken is the actual back plastic sleeve that the switch body pushes into and clicks into place, the switch goes in from one side of the centre console and the clip bit on the inside. Yeah I do mean where the choke is on the earlier cars although my choke is in the boring normal place. Thanks
  11. does anyone have a spare electric window switch? and surround thing ma bob? Thanks
  12. Well I must say I have not rushed to re-advertise it!
  13. Yeah I have to fax them or something? The only thing I can think of is someone has made a spurious remark to get rid of the competition! I have a good record I have sent esprit parts all over the place, I recently sent some stuff to Sweden by air freight that required me taking 3 hours off work to send the goods, after all the hassle I probably ended up
  14. Well The most bizzare thing just happend, I have just had my ebay account shut down and I recieved an email full of profanities from a complete stranger? calling me a dodgy b'stard and that I should F off? I cant think of anything thing in the advert that would could incite such reaction? IT was 100% true, I am completely thrown. DB
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