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  1. A few snaps from today... god I want one of each of those exiges!.. nice to meet some peeps!
  2. him

    Newlands Corner 16/12/12

    few pictures from the slegs newlands corner meet
  3. Hi guys, As per title really, pretty sure I've got HGF.. goop & ring of oil in header and little teeny tiny bit under oil cap and its been like it for some time.. but the ring of oil got me worried so the old girl is parked up for now. I reckon the elastomer has gone between the oil/coolant ways. But with my somewhat limited budget, I am possibly going to use a guy called Russel Walsh from MGROVER SOULTIONS, he seems very well priced as he come to your house, but I'm told he has 15+ years of working for rover and has been recommended by a few people I know from the playground and t
  4. Nice to see everyone new and old faces... And bibs.. thanks for the spin in the Evora!... Still grinning! Amazing car, it really is! Want one!
  5. Should frequent this forum more, I aim to be there would be nice to meet up with folks!
  6. Little cars.. yes but a hoot.. just not a fast!.. look forward to seeing some of my cars older siblings
  7. Did anyone get the name and number of the guy there who restored old Jags?... turns out my father in law is having trouble with some brakes and triple carbs on his old daimler, if anyone did drop me a message, would be most appreciated.
  8. Nice finally meet some people from the Lotus Forum, sat in an esprit for the first time ever and got to rev it,, childish but cool none the less!
  9. All I can say is Ronin.. I bloody love that car of yours!!!.. seen it on seloc many times and just can't get over how awsome that thing is!... like many others I'd love an S1 exige.. or even just make my S1 111s look like an S1 exige.. my hat goes off to you.. awsome car!
  10. Can I get one of these for my not so rare Elise S1 111S?.. All I can gather at the moment is mine is chassis 821 of 1400ish 111s elise varients sold.. would be a nice addition to the collection of paper work. Can someone PM how much this costs? Many thanks
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