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  1. 55,000 at last MOT, back in March 2018. Is it too much money in your opinion ? I haven’t see any last edition for sale, in a very long time. Who would be best to send to look at the car, for authenticity/appraise it?
  2. I’ve been out of a Lotus (Elise) for some time, and want to get back in one. Always liked the look of the last V8’s. Esprit that’s for sale Does anyone know any history of this car, apart from historic MOT’s online. I know there has been some humours/chat in the past, about the company that’s selling it as well. So any advice would be great. Thanks, Pete.


  4. Thankyou JJ. Steve, if your exhaust gets any louder you will go deaf, and from a person who has hearing problems I would strongly not recommend it.
  5. Gary, I'm in Kah Sheikhal, Somalia. I'm working for the UN for 3 months disposing of mines and ordnance. When I worked in Chattenden, Medway I was working for the Defence Explosive Munitions and Search School, mainly electrical biased, but I also taught Electrical courses at the Royal School of Military Engineering in Chatham. Will post some pic's on FB soon.


  7. Further details also to follow this week regarding the 2012 Tania Mann Karting Championship. Check other thread.
  8. Corporate Box hire at Brands Hatch - Brilliant corporate box based at the famous Brands Hatch race circuit - Stunning views of the full Indy circuit and in particular the start/finish straight, paddock hill bend and druids - Can be used on: - Race weekends (hire includes entry into the circuit grounds, corporate box and exclusive parking passes) - Track days - Any day and/or night of the week for personal use - Fantastic for client entertaining - Unique backdrop and environment for client meetings during the week - Ideal for staff training, staff rewards, staff entertaining - Welco
  9. A mug, do you think Bibs is made of money?
  10. Talk is cheap, is there a sweep stake ? My money is on Dave, I think he has driven a kart once or twice before....
  11. Seb will be back on the podium this week, either 1st or 2nd.
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