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  1. For those of you overseas, 911 is the number one calls in an emergency. The car is hit by a train at the end of the call. I'll let you comment on the intelligence levels of F-car owners on your own...
  2. This sucks. First super aguri this year, now them. (not to mention all the others before)
  3. i feel like they reported similar results not too long ago. maybe deja vu. but good nonetheless.
  4. I think it would be GREAT! But that would be obvious from my avatar.
  5. beautiful. What color is the v8? doesn't look like azure. i'm not up to speed on colors.
  6. i wish they brought the s1 elises to the US. I would drive that over my m3 any day.
  7. Why cosworth power? After all, they are using Toyota motors in these cars now. Seems like that would be a cheaper option.
  8. I know this is an old thread, but i had a dream about this last night. I dreamt that Lotus was dressed in black and gold racing against Ferrari in modern day F1. It was a good dream. So lets say they can raise $50 million. What else would they need? How big of a staff and R&D department would they need?
  9. That's great! I know I would have been really excited as a kid to help a family member work on a car like that. I do have to ask though, did you have more than one jack supporting the car up like that? I've seen several cars fall off of jacks, and it just gives me chills watching someone lean into a wheel-well like that without proper support.
  10. You sir have my dream Esprit, because I don't think they made a final run car in white. I saw yours listed for sale not too long ago. Perfect.
  11. I would do some extensive research before purchasing anything.
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