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  1. Any of you IT people know or use Venus for fibre?

  2. Konica Minolta - clueless... "could you unplug the printer from the mains and now try printing..."

  3. 1&2. Bibs & Laura (Hopefully in a Sport350!) 3. Peter (grey Europa) 4, 50nny (Esprit V8) 5. Andjons (S4) 6&7. Tony plus mystery guest (well known prof. driver and instructor - not the Stig!) (Sport 300) 8. Kimbers (Exige S) 9. Fishy (Diablo) 10. Jonjon (Esprit V8) 11&12 The Persian +1 guest. (Elise S) 13 Neal (Esprit V8) 14 Paul C (Elise 111s) 15 Ian Summerfield (Elise S) I'm new here :-D
  4. Ah, game free zone! Removed them all.

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