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  1. Funny you should write this. I am holding one in my hand as I write this. I also found a 2-1/8 OD pulley and that is what is on the car now. The car sold on BaT today and I am giving the buyer the pulley and he can decide which one he wants to use. I did some calculations and I think that 2-1/8 should not result in the alternator spinning faster than its max rpm at the engine's max rpm.
  2. When I got my first S2 (0714H, a very early Federal S2) in '89, it had 195s (don't recall the profile) on the front. I don't recall whether they were the original Dunlops (but I have photos of when I inspected the car before I bought it, so I might be able to read the tire info off of those). They needed to be replaced almost immediately. I was autocrossing and doing Lotus club drives in the mountains around southern California in my car, not tracking it. Maybe 205s work on the track. BTW, my current S2 is 0830H, the last H suffix car. At least far as number assignments, your car would have been next (unless 0100T was next).
  3. As far as preferred size in the front ... I had 195s on my first S2 in the 90s. I recently got another S2 (with 15- and 16-inch Epsilon wheels, so much better tire choices than in 14-inch) and it has 205s on the front (215s in the rear). It feels sluggish to turn in comparison to what I remember about my first S2 with narrower from tires.
  4. What is the size of the bolt (thread size and pitch plus bolts length) of the bolt that holds down the spare tire on a S2 Esprit? What is the size of the washer used with the bolt? alan
  5. Well, I guess this is up to me to answer this myself. The part that holds the clip in place looks like an internal lock washer. The tabs lock behind where the ball tapers back in. I ended up using a different style speed nut that would better hold the clip in place.
  6. I recently purchased a '78 S2. When the previous owner got it, it had a V8 in it, which he had to remove in exchange for getting the rest of the car for free. He then spent a stack of money finding and building a replacement 907 engine. Instead of getting an Esprit alternator, he got a "BMW" alternator. I suspect that it is something like a Bosch AL94X. At idle, the Ignition light is on and I have to get the revs up to get it to turn off. I suspect that the alternator pulley size is not small enough. What is the size of the alternator pulley on a stock Esprit alternator? alan
  7. My (well, technically, my former, since it has been sold, but not yet picked up) '83 Federal Turbo does not have speakers in the door. It has speakers on the rear bulkhead and the dash. However, I have a pair of 135mm Blaupunkt speakers (BGx 542) from a 2005 Elise that someone recently gave me. Are you interested in them? alan
  8. I am trying to resolve a problem with the door latch on a US S2 (late H (before the T/S split) VIN). On the latch, there is an upside down "L" with a ball fitting on the upper leg of the "L". The latch is opened by pulling up on the ball fitting. This fitting is attached to the door handle using a rod and a trapezoid-shaped clip that allows the engagement point of the rod to be adjusted. What should be holding the clip to the ball fitting? On my car, the clip is held in place with a speed nut pushed over the ball fitting. This does not seem to sufficiently hold the clip in place, so it moves and fouls against the rod for the outside door lock. alan
  9. Yes, a lot of people fit a bleed screw. However, there must be a way to get the air out in a relatively quick manner because Lotus was able to do it when they built the cars. In addition to this Elise, I have had two Esprits, two Europa (as well as a Fiero and a X1/9), so I am familiar with the joys of chasing air out of the cooling system of mid-engine, front-radiator cars. The Elise is particularly joyful because of the high coolant pipe. There is a coolant outlet from the top of the engine. A hose attaches to a pipe that takes the coolant over the exhaust and then down to the coolant pipe in the chassis that takes the coolant to the radiator. In the very early Elises like mine, the pipe to route around the exhaust is above the bleed screw in the coolant plumbing in the back of the car. It didn't take Lotus long to figure out that this wasn't the best design and they redesigned the system so that the coolant pipe was lower than the bleed screw. I guess one option is to jack the car up in a way that the rear bleed screw is higher than the pipe, but one has to jack the car up at an extreme angle to do that.
  10. I have an early S1 with the high coolant pipe (which traps air). I recently had to replace the coolant hose from the engine to that pipe, which resulted in a bunch of air getting into the pipe. It took months before I eventually got all of the air out of that pipe the last time that I had to do it. Is there a method to fill the coolant system on an Elise with the high coolant pipe that will get all of the air out of the system? alan
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