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  1. I wouldn't bother, every S1 I've owned the removal tool has broken and the covers get stuck. You then end up having to butcher the caps to get them off. Just my 2p worth.
  2. Well, after what seems a lifetime my new Elise finally arrived: Down side is that I have 10 days straight of work and only had time to take a few phone pictures, AIM dash is being fitted at the 1k service and there are few small cosmetic changes I’ll be doing, very very pleased with it, if you want a new Lotus speak to Jamie at B&C a rare find in the world of car salesmen Will post lots more pics as soon as I have some.
  3. My Elise was finally released from Hethel on Wednesday, PDI and PPF to be done by B&C ready for collection on 15th June....
  4. I had the same dilemma late last year although I was going from a S2111s. As above nothing much in it performance wise and the cups aero is subjective. I had set myself a budget and I was going to spend that regardless. It came down to a 220 with lots of extras and carbon, or a cup with not so much in the way of extras and no carbon at all. I went with the cup in the end that was my choice but it’s a very fine line. All this started last October, the sodding thing is currently locked inside Hethel waiting for the world to start turning again, desperate to get my hands on it before the end
  5. Only had a few test drives and it was a tough call between the 220 and 250 but the 250 just edged it. I sold my old Elise in October 2019 and this is the longest I’ve been without one in 20 years. It helps that I wouldn’t be able to drive it anyway but Christ the wait is killing me. Thanks for the positive comments!
  6. After making some noises with Lotus last year in regards to buying a new Elise I was told these editions were in the pipeline for January 2020, I explained I was in no rush to buy and can only think CV19 has pushed the launch back? It was a real dilemma but in the end I put my money on a cup 250 as I hoped I’d see delivery sooner and also I’ve never been a massive fan of the heritage cars(with some exceptions) and a new 220 would maybe have looked a bit meh when up along some new colour schemes. Having seen the cars I’m very happy with my choice, more to the point I’d have been happy with a
  7. Couldn't agree more Spinney, I'm in the same club, I've never received any marketing blurb from Lotus, yet I still get regular emails from Ford due to owning a used Fiesta for a couple of years which I had serviced at my local independent , the dealer got my email address due to a recall. I also once showed an interest in an MX5 and always get an email telling me about their up coming models. Lotus marketing philosophy certainly seems to be "Less is More". I think the biggest problem for Lotus selling future models will be cost. My new 250 is £50k, when I first started to look at a repla
  8. I've just spent the last 8 months doing exactly this but with an Elise, I was offered some exceptionally large discounts on showroom models from 4 different dealers, I'm not sure if thats due to lack of sales in the current market or not, but I suspect dealers must have some insight into what Lotus will be doing in the coming months and its no real secret that the Elise will soon end production. I've bought a Cup 250 to my exact specification with some discount but nowhere near what I could have had on a showroom model, I'm also hoping to see it in production, meet the the stitching lady and "
  9. Never had a problem. If you, are I’d suggest getting your part numbers off the deroure website and calling B&C parts dept and order them direct.... tell them about the issues you’ve encountered at the same time, I’m sure there will be an explanation. It is the go to parts ordering service for Lotus parts and that’s because it’s so damn handy and usually has excellent service.
  10. Me, a Cup 250. Should be with me in March. It will be my 10th Elise since 1998. My feeling is that the Elise won’t be around much longer, so decided to get a new one while I can.
  11. In celebration of my upcoming 10th anniversary on the forum, and no posts to my name, I'd like to announce the purchase of my new Elise. Its a Cup 250 thats being put together as I type by the good people at Hethel. Hoping for a March delivery. I've lurked for long enough
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