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  1. Have a trawl through this thread, there is a way of having the word “on” and “off” light up lower down in the unit when the indicators are working, not ideal but at least it tells you the indicators are in action. I have no idea how you get it to do this but it is possible. I’m 6’1” and had trouble seeing the limit lights and indicators, I dropped the dash down in the binnacle which sorted the problem… I posted up on this thread about it so that may help?
  2. Mine comes on at the quarter mark so I’d say around 8 litres left in the tank, which is way too soon, and very annoying if you suffer “idiot light ocd” like myself.
  3. I’ve finally found time to finish the repositioning of my AiM unit today. I’ve cast a plastic finisher for the top of the unit which can be seen here before replacing the binnacle, it fills the gap nicely and to be honest if you didn’t know you really couldn’t tell it’s not original. The picture below shows the final line of sight for me, as close as I can get anyway. I am 6’1” and the car is a Cup 250 so it has the carbon seats. I looked into raising the steering column but the top shroud is very close to the wheel boss and it would mean grinding some of this away, unless the wheel was extended towards the driver with an extension boss, extra cost and i don’t actually need it closer. Very happy with the finished position and look👍
  4. I had the bezel off today and checked out raising the steering wheel. Its easy enough to do but unless you fit a spacer then your going to have to cut the top bezel plate, therefore it’s a non starter for me.
  5. I’ve got to take the column shroud off to fit the new gap infil so I’ll take a closer look when I do that. It might be that I can reduce the height of the infil? thanks for posting this up👍
  6. Have you got a link to it I’d be interested to try it👍
  7. I considered various options. I looked into replacing the steering wheel with a removable job and possibly increasing the steering boss depth to bring the steering wheel closer, but to be honest I really like the OEM wheel and its distance from me it feels perfect so would have been a shame to lose it. As pointed out above maybe a different wheel and boss would do the trick? I just liked the cheap option 😆
  8. I suspect it would take a lot of heat, and to be honest I wouldn’t really want to mess with the bezel they very expensive if you need to replace them, I also want to be able to return it to its original position should the need arise.
  9. These pics don’t really do it justice but hopefully they give the general idea. I've got some black acrylic on order which I intend to use in place of the foam now that I've got the required shape. Might even do it in orange to match the interior painted parts🤣
  10. Yes 8mm, but the piece you use to fill the gap doesn’t have to be that accurate as there is quite a bit of “head room” in the curve of the binnacle... if that makes sense. As I posted above, due to my height the infill piece now sits exactly where the change up lights were behind the top of the steering wheel so I can’t see it anyway👍
  11. I did consider this but really wanted to keep the current wheel, plus it would lead to extra expense
  12. Like others on this thread I'm 6'1" which means the shift lights and indicators are obscured by the steering wheel, I can only imagine the designer at AiM was a shorty. Anyway, with an idea shamelessly stolen from fellow Elise owner Josh Laurence I took my dash out yesterday and dropped it on the mount by around 8mm, it can easily be put back to its original position if required at a later date but I can now see the shift lights and indicators. It does leave a small gap at the top between the binnacle and the AiM unit but I easily filled this using a shaped piece of modelling foam painted black which is hidden by the steering wheel anyway. Very pleased with the result and the fact that I no longer have to sink my head into my shoulders to see the whole unit is great.
  13. Oh well, thats half a solution to the problem I suppose...I'm 6ft and as others have posted the indicators and rev lights are just out of sight, my hearing is also severely impaired which doesn't help in respect of the indicators. I'm seriously considering a 330mm steering wheel or even a 320mm with spacer to see if it helps. I love the AiM dash, but really could do with being able to see these lights. Appreciate the on/off/on/off mod earlier in the thread but it looks a bit naff(might be the only solution) but I have absolutely no idea how you do that, in fact is there a numpty guide/computer illiterate guide to updating the AiM dash, I'm going to need it in the future I guess.
  14. Have Lotus resolved the indicator/rev limit issue on the FE cars?, appreciate its only 6 footers it seems to bother but the pics seem to show them still being at the top of the screen and with a thicker steering wheel wouldn't that make things worse?
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