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  1. New Livery for Snetterton, Thanks to the Good Mr Bibs
  2. So Team Donkey Racing had a very successful opening round of the LOTRDC speed championship.... 1st and 3rd in the Supersport class 7th in Production class Here are some pics of the day, including collecting trophies from none other than Martin Donnelly You can follow us here.....LOL!/Team.Donkey.Racing
  3. That wont be a problem This could be erroneous Is there 2014 sponsorship deal this year Mr Bibs sir
  4. This maybe an issue for us this year...
  5. A friend of mine once said "A win is a win "
  6. After a successful season in the 2013 SELOC speed championship we are back again to bore you this season. Still sporting our TFL stickers we (me and gt111) have launched into the LOTRDC speed championship 2014. After a winter of upgrades and preparation we have aim our sights high again this year.... Gary has the unfortunate task of competing in the Class A "Elise trophy spec" , The unfortunate part being Martin Donnelly is competing in this category LOL I have an easier task in the supersport category up against a few special K engined cars and a few Honda monsters so should be a challenge. Our aim for the season is to win everything obviously, our expectation maybe somewhat lower First sprint is at North Weald on 16th March....
  7. It must have been a long way it took 3 1/2 hours to get back
  8. TLF sponsored "Team Donkey" had a successful weekend and secured over class victory on both days... Oh and Dave retains the Donkey trophy
  9. Love the photos And thanks for making me look fast
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