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    lotus esprit S4, lotus sunbeam s1, lotus sunbeam s2, audi a4 sline, toyota hilux
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    Standard apart from brembo front brake upgrade
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  1. Dave, the suspension parts on this look great, were did you get the plating done, i am stripping the suspension from mine and would like to tidy it all up, i am in Shrewsbury, so not far from you.
  2. Many thanks Clive, that's very helpful.
  3. As my S4 has been unused for 2-3 years now, it's almost 5 years since the cambelt was changed, i've probably done less than 1k miles, but as i want it back on the road now, the time factor means it's time to change it. Last time the belt was changed was at NW Lotus in Liverpool and i supplied the belt from a reputable supplier, NW then phoned me to say it was wrong spec, and he supplied and fitted correct spec.the one i supplied being abandoned. I've been reading a few posts about belts, bearings etc... and it's a minefield, wrong size belts, bearings being fake and so on. My question is how do i know if i'm buying a genuine belt / tensioner bearing and also where is the best place to buy ? as i want to buy the correct belt / tensioner. also is there any benefit on fitting the blue belt over the std.
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  5. Hooray !! the tank is out, my problem being a sheared bolt on the plenum, i thought it would slide off but it sealed itself to the plenum cover, anyway i had to end up taking the whole inlet manifold off which was a complete pain in the a** The tank itself wasn't as bad as i thought, a slight damp patch on the foam, i can't see a hole, but i imagine once i clean the surface rust off, theres a couple of pin holes in the metal, my options now are, do i repair or replace, if i replace, should i use alloy or an original metal tank (i know where there is one available), if alloy, where is the best place to get a tank, i already asked Matt Watts on here, but he wasn't interested.
  6. Hi guys, i too am in the proceess of removing my fuel tank, mine is the right hand side as the l/h was repaired a few years ago, the tank is almost out, but is fouling on the plenum, i've undone the r/h engine mount and dropped it a little, but alas it still won't come. I think the next step is to remove the plenum, i've undone the bolts, but it doesn't want to come away from the backplate, is there an easy way of seperating these as i don't want to damage the plenum, it looks fragile and i'm very tempted to hit it with something. Incidentally the l/h tank was repaired at pnm, does anyone know how good their repairs are, or is it likely that this tank will need changing as well in the near future. Cheers Dave
  7. Spotted in Wellington, Shropshire, M reg S4S. Thought it was Andyk at first, but his is a K reg S4.
  8. Sad news this Bibs, I hadn't heard about it and only found out by searching for Andy at NWL online. Andy did quite a bit on my S4 a couple of years back after a few problems, cambelt, new ECU, electric chargecooler pump, etc... and he did a great job, at a fair price too. I'm assuming the business has closed down or has anyone taken it over ?
  9. Hi Andy. I've just sent you a PM with my phone number. SuperDave. Thanks for the info, I'm a relatively new owner myself, about 12 months or so, and am learning as i go. Do you have a website. can you send me your number by PM as i will be needing more stuff in the future. Parts, servicing etc... Cheers, Dave
  10. Hi Andy. I've not been on the forum for a while as i'm my car is off the road while while i get some of the niggly jobs done, so only just come acroos this thread. I've got a red 1993 S4. Its in the garage at the moment as the ECU is being refurbed at PNM. I'm hoping to get it back soon. Although its not running at the moment you are welcome to pop over and have a look and see what sort of vehicle you are comparing too. I'm on the border of telford & shrewsbury so not far from you. All the best, Dave
  11. Hi Dodgy. Yes, the fans come on as soon as the ignition is on, but engine off. they run for a couple of mins, then go off for 30 seconds or so, then cut in again and stay on.
  12. I'm wondering now if the fans running are related to the coolant tanks removal. I've checked the codes by bridging the aldl with no codes flashing up. So got freescan running today,with ignition on but engine not running. At first it gave me no data at all while the fans were running, then after a few mins the fans cut out and freescan started throwing out data. I checked the error codes again and there were none with freescan either, so just to make sure i pulled the MAP sensor pipe, and straight away and it threw up a code 34 (map sensor) error so i know that freescan is OK. As soon as the fans cut in again, freescan stops giving info. Once i start the car it overfuels like crazy and floods itself in a matter of 30 seconds. my question is, with no error codes what would cause the fans to cut in and out and from cold and what would cause the car to overfuel so badly.
  13. Dave, I like the ramp you've got there, is that a home made jobbie or is it made to order. Could be a useful bit of kit.
  14. Bibs. When you say white/black, i assume you mean the black and the black/white terminals, just had a look at the ALDL in the boot and they are the colours Just don't want to burn anything out.
  15. I've checked over all the connections and pipework, everything seems fine. would the fan fail light cause the car to run so roughly. I took the plugs out yesterday and they were soaked with fuel. Tried the paperclip but didn't get any flashes. I will see if i can get freescan on it.
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