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  1. jim clark

    jim clark

  2. It's quite simple; Greatest F1 driver ever ; A Senna Greatest motor racing driver ever J.Clark
  3. Kyle, you are quite right I saw the picture of Mario in the 79 and failed to read the article ! For everyone else out there some of us life long Team Lotus "fans" just can not get passionate about the current F1 team from Enstone calling itself Lotus.
  4. Sorry surferphil, but without a F1 team and nothing happening at Hethal life is getting a bit boring ! Still at least Master Vettell might stop that red car winning the world championship.
  5. Found a link on the Lotus website to a shoe company, a flower and something called Lotus notes ,perhaps I was looking at the wrong website, but there again has the same relevance to the link to the F1 team based in Enstone !
  6. Waited along time to see a proper Lotus at a GP, I assume it will be a 79. Long live Team Lotus
  7. Ansar Ali quits Caterham cars as CEO, could he be heading back to Lotus ? Anybody heard anything ?
  8. Chris, says it all, may be it's boring Andrew but let's stop pretending and just drop the F1 link.It said to say but at this moment in time Lotus are no more into F1 than that Spanish bank on those red cars and a certain mobile phone operator that sponsors Jenson & Lewis. Enough said !
  9. Long term solution; The Germans, BMW have the cash, they have the engines and they could do with a legendry sports car brand !
  10. My hairs going grey reading all this ! Kimbers ; life in the championship next season, I spent my first 30 years in W-ton how come your not a canary ?
  11. Girls, Girls, Girls, Not been on the forum site much recently, but reading through this topic it feels to me the Lotus v Caterham debate carrys on and on. The problem I feel from a personal point of view is thus; I am a life long Lotus fan, I own a BRG Elise 111R, I've followed Team Lotus since the great days of JIm Clark in the 60's, spent my teenage years as a walking cigarette advert (although I've never smoked).Thought the world was at an end when we lost Jimmy and Colin, we bounced back under Peter Warr with Aryton, the not so competitive years when the Honda engine was lost. The great joy when Team Lotus was reincarnated under the two Peters and Tony Rudd and then it all went wrong again at Monza when Johnny was pushed out after a brilliant qualifying. Then a guy called Tony Fernandes gets together with Mike Gascoyne with some Malaysian money and we once again have a team to follow, we all turn up at Snetterton to worship at the church of Lotus. Then the following season the team becomes legally known as Team Lotus and the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end at Silverstone once more for the British GP, ok were working our way from the back of the grid and it may take upto 5 years to get there but the spirit of the team feels right, it feels like the team I've supported since a boy. Then it all changes now its Caterham, the cars are still the same colour it's not quite the same but I still wish them success, But I felt nothing when the black ex Toleman, Benetton , Renault etc etc cars with a Lotus badge finished 2nd & 3rd. It felt like those days when everyone turns up to the Grand Prix in Williams attire then next year they are all Ferrari ( the old enermy) fans a la Nigel. It's like a life long Wolves fan suddenly becomes a Man U fan, I just don't get it.
  12. Qualifing P3: 1;Vodafone 2;Vodafone 3;Petronas 4;Red Bull 5;Lotus 6;Red Bull 7;Lotus Oh and there is one of those Red and white Italien Marlboro's in the top 10 !!!
  13. Remember it like yesterday what a fantasic last few laps by Ronnie in the 78. Then it was on to Silverstone for The Daily Express International Trophy where Mario raced the 79 for he 1st time lead by miles until the heavens opened and sunk in the river at Abbey I was a very devoted 18 year old Team Lotus fan that day in the rain at Silverstone to witness our greatest season ever. Long live Team Lotus we may again return !!!!!!
  14. Fantastic, I thought I'd seen nearly all Team Lotus footage that exists, made my Xmas all most makes up for not having a Team Lotus to support in 2012. If Clive ever reads this thread of the forum how about trying to put together a Classic Team Lotus DVD of 1977/78 ? as there is very little out there apart from those Red and White edited dvd's you would have thought Mclaren won the 78 constructors championship ! Merry Chrismas
  15. If you want to put two very experienced drivers in the car I would say Mario and Nigel with Emerson as reserve driver !
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