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  1. If you look at the non V8 Esprit, you will see that a diagonal frame pipe has only been welded in on the right front side of the frame cage.

    Anyone know if Lotus added a pipe an additional diagonal frame pipe to the left side when they did the V8 frame.

    Has anyone added the pipe after the fact?

    Am I safe in assuming the frame is Galvanized Chromoly?

  2. Tailights are all in, and molds for light enclosures will be in tomorrow.

    I'll post a picture of the car with the vette lights before they get chopped off and put on EBay.

    The rear hatch louvers I can live with, but I'm not happy with the design of the side scoops that replaced the ears.

    Anyone have any design thoughs on integrating the rear hatch louvre design into the side scoops?

  3. Forget the switching of the hatches, but the ears are going, and the mockup of teh 6 V8 taillights looks to cool to pass on.

    As for stealing from parts bins...its one thing to call Girling to ask what will work, and quite another to use a part that was exclusive exclusively and esthetically made for the taillights.

    If you remove the taillights from a S3 Turbo, and see what the factory did to make them fit, that to me is a butcher job.

  4. "butchery"????

    The car has "ears" that look like a hillbilly after a bad haircut, hatch louvers that should require the driver to sport a mullet, and a square bodyside moulding that camoflagues a mid-waist seam in the way that yoga pants hide fat rolls.

    Thrust it on fire and collecting the insurance has enetered my mind on several occasions.

  5. Monkey Man = Is that a photoshop or did the hatch from an 88 actually fit?

    Anyone want to see it with the vette rear tailights that it now has, or do you want to wait and see it with the 3 V8 taillights per side that I'm putting in?


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