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  1. I believe Lotus have had the odd warranty claim for a couple of owners. Once they downloaded an ECU summary, it revealed that the car had been frequently redlined, and "bouncing" the limiter (burnouts etc...) may have occurred. I’m pretty sure that Lotus did not pay for replacement parts or labour.

    If you treat your car with little respect then don’t expect it to look after your wallet.

    I do find it frustrating that the majority of manufacturers who offer or fit Launch Control to a car will normally declare in the small print that if it is used, warranty on associated drive train components will be voided. (I’m sure it’s open to appeal but that declaration is enough for me to have never used mine)

  2. WOW! "Bastard crazy Lotus" I thoroughly enjoyed watching that. Even if that had to dim down the tech talk on your car Frank, it was still a great insight into the work you and Mike have done over the years.

    I am aware that opinions of Frank on forums various are often abrasive but this episode should put people in the right place. Clearly passionate about motor vehicles and has enough real life experience to know what works on the road.

    I love to see videos like these. I thought it was filmed and edited together very tastefully and just leaves you wanting to see more.

    Thanks Frank

  3. Oh shame, I imagine you might have had some questions for him about his duties. Sorry to hear that your visit to the UK is no longer going ahead. There are plenty of us interested in the nuts and bolds of your "Rocket Pig"! I suppose the transformation has been over such a long time there has never been a build thread?

  4. There's a lot of potential for many people to climb up onto their high horses on this topic but doubt that many sports car owners can honestly say that they have never broken the law when driving. No one is a perfect driver. My opinion is that an insurance company's demand for one to declare all convictions dating back over five years is verging on punishing an individual twice. The only saving grace is that it rarely has an impact on ones insurance premium. Interesting topic though.

    Has anyone else really had an difference in insurance premiums for the odd conviction between 3-5 years extant?

  5. That is an awful lot of one colour, especially brown looking in these pictures. Breaking it up with some carbon fibre and/or brushed aluminium would make it more appealing to my taste. I can't fault the quality from these pictures though, it looks like a very good job. In fact, I remember Guy telling me that Lotus changed their trim shop around the time my Cup 260 was built (Nov-Dec 2010).

  6. As with most Lotus models you never get two exactly the same! I do agree with Alex on the styling front, is there a real leap in styling to set it far enough from the previous model?

    I still haven't seen the V6 Exige in the flesh yet, if Guy is reading, when are you expecting to secure a demonstrator to test drive? May have to plan a visit for a Coffee and a look see... :)

  7. I'm not sure of the division of those who think they are sober and drive or those who are drunk and drive anyway but hopefully this will help with 'morning after' decisions at least.

    I have to agree, I think this is where we will see most of these kit being put to use. I would welcome a future where we have zero tolerance for alcohol. Indecently, some of you might be aware that new drivers in Australia on a 'P' plate are not permitted any blood alcohol level above 0 for their first couple of years. This is a start

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