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  2. Go to lotus talk esprit fourm . Look at post for intake air temp and coolant temp sensor location.There is a post with ohm readings for both sensors.
  3. checked wiring all looks good. no codes stored.all data looks good but the iac and coolant temp.don"t want to send ecm out for repair without finding something.don"tknow what to think.I own a service station and don"t see ecm"s go bad to often .
  4. It all started with high idle 3000 rpm .shut car off and would not start again. I found blown ecm fuse . Now intake air temp and coolant temp are at 245f checked all conns and all seem good.anybody see this before. I think ecm might be bad.
  5. sometimes when cars get hot the radiator is so hot that the a/c condenser which is mounted in front of radiator can not get rid of the heat . there is a high pressure switch in the a/c system that will shut the compressor off if pressure gets to high the hotter the car the higher the pressure the car must have got real hot. NOT GOOD
  6. SCCDC08211HA10250 2001 V8 TIM COMMACK LI NY
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