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  1. minor5

    yellow S3

    Yellow s3 Elise spotted in Paddock wood Sunday afternoon. 👋
  2. I used to work at a small sports car specialist garage in Kent, and used to look after 2 off +2 130 Elan's, a JPS Europa, a 504 Elite a couple of Sevens and a type 14 Elite so been hooked ever since. my second car was a black 1968 Mk2 Lotus Cortina (sadly no twin Cam Though, just a 1600 gt engine)
  3. Sorry, cant make it my sister just flew in from the states so we are already booked to go out.
  4. 1. Bibs 2. Mdw (malcolm) 3. Knorbert 4. Patrick Swayze aka "lap record" aka x27eve 5. "Smokey Joe" FinStien 6. The Persian 7. PFD 8. Wolla5 9. mellowmatt 10. "Homer Jay" gt111 11. Black Sport 160 (Jujitsu Justin) 12. set 13. minor5
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