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  1. I fitted the Wilwood kit to my 84 turbo and they have been good. On my Evora I managed to get the massive AP brakes to fade if I really attacked but tell the truth I just don't drive my Esprit so hard so get away with the Wilwood kit. For spirited road driving the are fine. For regular hard track day work they aren't. C43
  2. I have an 84 turbo and fitted poly from Lotusbits at the rear end. I could not feel any degradation in ride quality. Also as far as rotation is concerned when I did a torque test in the garage the poly bushes were better than rubber. Personally if you dampers are still good (see if you can get a friendly race shop to test them) I would stick with standard Lotus dampers. I think a lot of the aftermarket dampers are significantly different in terms of nose angle which can upset the car in terms of ride quality. good luck C43
  3. thanks, sounds right. No Cat on mine I am afraid.
  4. Hi does anyone know the torque settings for the bolts on the rear cover on the gearbox? Its an S3 turbo with citroen gearbox with the exhaust hanger being held by 3 of the same bolts. thanks C43
  5. not sure where you got to with this but have you considered that it could be a hydraulic problem. I know you said all lines were new but perhaps the piston in the master cylinder is not returning far enough to uncover the return to master cylinder reservoir port. Easy way to check would be to crack off the rear bleed screws and see if the rear brakes are still dragging a lot. BTW I have a 84 turbo with new brake setup and I can turn my rear discs by hand pretty easily when the car is on stands. A small amount of residual pressure in the line can cause a big problem on the road.
  6. sorry no, it was one of the few parts of the car where I just went with their suggesting. It was a complete rebuild so I lost track a little. I know aluminium but not sure which. Also the car has all new water pipes throughout and the head and internal porting all checked and cleaned out so I am guessing the temperatures I am getting are best case.
  7. Lotusbits fitted an aluminium radiator to my rebuild 84 turbo. I have 3 standard cooling fans. Temperature sits around 85 and I very rarely see it get up to 90 even in hot weather / traffic. C43
  8. yes change it. You can drive the car slowly but don't go fast until a new one is fitted. As well as putting the geometry out (probably not that big an effect as I am guessing it was not spot on to start with) you will reduce the load carrying capacity of the piece. They are heavily loaded under hard cornering. There is a story that during the design of the Esprit Chapman made the engineers take weight out of the mounting bracket against the wishes of the engineering team. Apparently it failed so they had to put the weight back in...Chapman jokingly told them not to listen to him again! Th
  9. Hi I fitted poly bushes to my brothers S2 based on the fact they are cheaper and I believe the last longer. My Evora seems to go through these bushes at a rate so I figured get the option that will last and is not too expensive to change. One thing I will say is use Loctite on the bolt or nut (I can't remember if the S2.2 is same as S2 or like S3 in this respect) that locates the bush at the ends of the ARBs. I have had both fixings come loose on different carsl. BTW the bolts holding the ARB clamps in place where pretty difficult to get undone on the lhs, took a week of heat an
  10. Plus Gas and heat. My rear calliper hand brake was rusted solid and we still managed to free if off with heat. C43
  11. Hi the hand brake on my S3 has seized partially on. The cable is very very stiff and the lever on the calliper itself wont move (being stuck in the on position). I have stripped and rebuild rear Esprit callipers before so am reasonably happy to sort this. My question is how do I get the cable out? I have disconnected both ends and removed the grommet but I can't pull the cable towards the rear of the car, it is stuck just inside the aperture in the door sill. Is the only way it will come out is going forwards? I am trying to avoid doing this as until I have freed up the cable I can't get
  12. Name: Lotus Turbo Esprit (1980-1986) Click to view: Lotus Turbo Esprit (1980-1986)
  13. Hi has anyone digitised the World Champion stickers on an S2? thanks C43
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