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  1. did mine recently. Fairly straight forwards although all bolts rusted solid. Lots of WD40 and a heat gun on the two nuts holding the cat pipe onto the downpipes. I would say for the brackets each side I put one bolt in on each. rotated them onto the back box mounts then fitted the other bolt. If you lube the rubber with WD it will slide onto the back box easier. BTW how far you push the back box into the 3rd cat removal pipe will make a fair difference on how central your tailpipes end up. I got mine wrong and my tailpipes are 1/2" off central. I will fix it when I change the back box (think I will fit the Larinni system). cheers C43
  2. I have suffered with this on the Evora and the Europa. I find a Ikea plastic knife is great for opening up the pannel gap sufficiently to get the stone out without damaging the paint. C43
  3. the road you will take from Brackly to F&Bs has one speed camera on it, however it is in a 30 so just obey the limits in the villages and you will be ok. The rest is pretty good, but fast. However for next time meet up at Silverstone, tthen take the exit off the A43 onto the B4525 gong east that is sign posted for Banbury. That joins up with your original road just before Banbury but is a much better road. There are two speed cameras on it, one on a 30 limit and one on a 40 but coming from that way both are easy to see. If you are coming from further north take the A361 into Banbury, also a great road. there are camera on it and can't remember where they are but I think they are all in 30 and 40 limits. I did that road tonight and was pretty quick in the 50s with no problem. If you are coming from the West then can I suggest the Chipping Norton to Banbury road, another classic in the area. I work in Banbury and drive to Silverstone a lot so know the roads around here well. hope to see you all there C43
  4. A friend of mine was involved in the production so I saw these some time ago. Pretty well done program but no Lotus I am afraid. C43
  5. pretty normal to wear inside edges like that. One of the reason why the Evora feels so planted at the rear is the amount of negative camber being run. You could run less which would help tyre wear but would be bad for car balance.... If you are worried you could get a geo check done. I think most tyre centers can do it, you just need to find one that has the Evora on their computer. Banbury does (mine is there now ). I think Chipping Norton and Brackley can also do it. C43
  6. my black Evora always gets approving looks, however the red Exige V6 I have borrowed has taken that to a new level, impossible to keep under the radar in this one. C43
  7. Frizz the bolts wont fail in tension, they will just pull out of the thread unless you have metallic inserts and bonded in load spreaders IMO. reg C43
  8. Put Scott Walker in charge of marketing if it is an Esprit. Talk to him and it is the only Lotus he seems to rate. C43
  9. if you had been on the M40 / A34 junction last night you would have seen two again, mine and a dark red one. There seem to be quite a lot in the Oxford area, obviously helped by Enstone but that is not the only story. C43 On on the guys on here went from a 2-11 to an Evora so you could quiz him on the differences. C43
  10. not sure about the style but epic to machine, must cost a fortune. C43
  11. parked mine outside a cafe in London this morning and 50% of people stopped and took a second look. They do look epic in the flesh. Followed another Evora on the way home form work and to start with I did not recongnise it, thought it was the new Alfa (it was dark). Again the other car looked great on the move. C43
  12. thought you would like to see the photo. They do look pretty epic.
  13. Hi Neil agree regarding the Yokos, they are perfect for winter driving and very good in cold or heavy rain. I put the Pirellis on my nice set of forged alloys and ran them for a week. they look epic. Lets hope spring is not too far away. cheers C43
  14. what do people think about the yoko winter tyres. I use my car all year around and the Pirelli are a little scary on an ice / cold road.... thanks C43
  15. interested in the system but link not working, is it still for sale? cheers C43
  16. and it just so happens I have my 12 year old son sitting next to me at the moment
  17. love the look. Wonder if it would work with gold on black.....not that I have a black Evora or anything (and all my other Lotii have been black or gold). C43
  18. saw 51 deg C yesterday during a 2 hour epic on the M25, can anyone beat that? Impressed by how good the car was in the heat C43
  19. I saw 47 deg C on mine so guessing they are in the engine bay somewhere or at least downstream of the radiator.. C43
  20. decent ICE, has anyone upgraded the speakers and SUB. The car is so quiet and smooth it is crying out for it. C43
  21. I would not be at all surprised if they all sound like this. I put a similar system on my Eruopa and ended up taking it off as the sound drove me mad, not nice. Be interesting to hear what other radium owners say. C43
  22. Guys, I can't find it now but someone has written a report on the findings of changing tyre size at one end only on this thread. . From what I read of his comments the test done were not exhaustive, did not include back to back data on stopping distances and stability margins (i.e. car balance) with different rolling radius front or rear and hence IMO were not well engineered tests (in fact there was no engineering there at all). As I have said before unless a Lotus engineer comes on here and says otherwise the ABS and handling control systems on the Evora will most likely not measure rolling radius on the fly, it will be a setup parameter put in by the Lotus engineers. Hence if you change it the cars ABS (ie its brakes) and balance will be adversely effected (I could work out the changes but take it from me they are all bad). I head a figure quoted of 7% change in rolling radius. Well when the tyres optimum slip ratio is around 10-15% it is pretty obvious that 7% error is a very meaningful number. If you change rolling radius on the front or rear axle most of us many never feel the effects (other than the speedo being out, and yes I did read the report put on here - a quick drive in the country is not an engineered test). However if you ever have to brake hard to avoid an accident the ABS will not work as well. If you must change rolling radius at least do it by the same ratio front and rear so that the overall slip calculation is kept the same. cheers C43
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