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  1. Thank you Bibs, have I got this right? Dipped beam UY = Blue + Yellow tracer Side lights RG = Red + Green tracer leading to: L side: RB = Red + Black tracer R side: RO = Red + Orange tracer many thanks
  2. I’ve been trying to find out from these two images I took of my front wiring loom plug, anyone here know which are the two wire(s)/plug(s) that are 1, for the Elise S1 front side light 2, for the dipped light? many thanks for any information
  3. Thank you Paul, only after I posted this, I thought maybe I should have posed it on the Elise section, but as I first asked it here, I left it, but I'll re post it over there
  4. My error, I saw “S1 wiring diagram” and without thinking took it that it was for an Elise S1, silly me I’ve been trying to find out from these two images I took of my front wiring loom plug, anyone here know which are the two wire(s)/plug(s) that are for the Elise S1 front side light and dipped light? I did post this on SELOC which I got no reply many thanks for any help
  5. is it too late to ask for one now? I only just came across this thread
  6. Hello Hope this image of my Elise S1 is good enough many thanks cesare colangelo Mollydog

    © © 2010 cesare colangelo

  7. I have ordered one of these from Ebay: hopefully the satnav will be as good as the MioMap I'm using at the moment mollydog
  8. I don’t know if itstrue that car manufactures made nothing out of this scrap age scheme , if I remembercorrectly I do think Ford increased their prises by £800 to £2000ish (cantremember the exact amount ) but basically it more or less worked out the withthe increase, Ford covered themselves of their £1000 rebate they paid leaving only the government to findthe £1000 cesare
  9. Hi Simon and thanks for sharing, it’sso informative. I'm so envious asI booked for a factory tour ages ago for last Wednesday (24th) but dueto a traffic accident, last Wednesday morning I was in the operatingtheater of my local hospital, so I missed out. I’m planning to book for another day though. cesare
  10. Safari on Mac desktop, Power book and iPhone , and Safari and firefox on a Dell mini 9 netbook running Apple OSX 5.8 cesare
  11. this has made my day , , , it'd so funny cesare
  12. Here are a few more: There are a few more at: cesare
  13. Hi TomE, yeas only 32K and two owners in better nick than my other newer cars, I'm so, so pleased with her, going to see about one of these DIY garages built in the garden for her, sad to see her sitting in the rain. have some more photos of her if any one wants to se them, you can tell I'm over the moon with her cesare
  14. ]Thank you for making me welcome to this Lotus community and your kindwords about the Elise, I love the car to bits and she drives lovely, she’ll fitin nicely with the MG TF and MR2 mkiii. just not yet got used tothe noise in the cabin, also haven’t yet got used to no central locking, electricmirrors and windows but it’s a small price to pay to own an Elise S1. Here’s a couple of photos I took of her with my phone when I picked herup These were the photos advertising the car
  15. Well, I’ve been looking hi and low for an Elise S1, and this morning I travelled 135 miles by train to pick up my puppy, and here she is (well she's on this link) Don't yet know how to upload an image Cesare
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