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  1. Update...!! I have receive the parts today , Kevin and Lee post TNT on 13th Sep . Thank you everybody for help and suggestion.
  2. Yes I think he give me wrong tracking number coz it do not have anything relate with me , even the shipping date. If somebody can contact Kevin and Lee please help me to let he know the problem.
  3. The problem is I'm Thai people live in Thailand and the address I send to Kevin is Thailand address. This is I'm worried so much and Kevin and Lee do not reply my email. I have ask many time but I said only" out off office or race"
  4. i got the tracking number 8951696994 but do not know company post if anyone can help me please try.
  5. He said , he posted 24/7 but until now I can't get post company and tracking number . 40days.....still waiting for reply.
  6. Thank you so much . I'm so glad to hear that because I do not get any respond from him .
  7. I have order gear kit set for a month , after I have transfered I get only 2 emails what is he out of office or go race..... . I do not get any reply to get post company to check status . he was only send me status the parts are in Australia at 7/30/2013 . Anybody was bought from him please advice me . What should I do?
  8. my power unit was 1uz-fe twin gk-t325 and 264 kelford cam. pressure 0.7 bar .It will go to 1.0 bar after solve gear box problem .Dyno result ...will test again. Thank you so much mike
  9. has not set their status

  10. Thank you Mike Do you mean include final drive too? It's 3.44. i worried so much coz i have 19inc wheel and saw on gear cal 1st at 7000rpm speed willl be 95 km/h???
  11. I'm interested in GTO gear set it's ratios after this Gear 1 2 3 4 5 Final Ratios: 2.660 1.750 1.380 0.960 0.820 3.440 RPM Limit: 7000 RPM @Peak Power: 500 Tyre Size: 295/30 x 19 Tyre Diameter: 659.60 mm Tyre Circumference: 2072.19 mm Gear Km/h per 1000 RPM Km/h @500 RPM Km/h @7000 RPM -------------------------------------------------------- 1 13.59 7 95 2 20.65 10 145 3 26.19 13 183 4 37.65 19 264 5 44.08 22 309 i will suit this gear box with 1uz-tt in esprit my problem is 1st gear please advice me in this ratios at 1st gear ,Can drive in town? I have talk with Gto but didn't got any info
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