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  1. My 2005 2zz Exige N/A has now passed 165k miles. It has started using oil, about 1 litre per 360 miles (tankful). From minor internet research, it may be from the lower piston ring(s) sticking. There is one drain hole in the bottom piston ring groove, so when rebuilding, it is normal to drill a second hole opposite to it I have also lost the self-centring between 3-4th of the gear lever. Think this requires gearbox dis-assembly, so have lived with it for 20k miles, and not a big issue. This is my only car, and have never been concerned with its reliability. One failed suspension ball joint @ about 140k is the only time I have been stranded on the side of the road.
  2. Will they be the National Party of Scotland? Splitters
  3. The acknowledgement email you get after completing the survey... "Thanks for your submission to the BBC. For: Survey about the BBC We’ll keep it for up to 270 days – and if we don’t use it we’ll then delete it and any other information you sent us. We really appreciate your help to understand what you think and feel about the BBC." So @PaulCP, you're probably right!
  4. Anyone else received an email to give your opinion of the BBC? Just completed mine. Think they got an average of below 3 out of 10. (BBC Radio 6 is the only thing good to come out of that corporation).
  5. I think we can all agree you have the best champagne... 😉
  6. Surely this is the tastiest brie?
  7. Ursula von der Leyen just said that the EU is the largest economy in the world. Not according to these figures: For the fifth year in a row, China was the world's largest economy in 2019. It contributed $22.5 trillion, or 17.3%, of the world's $130.1 trillion in gross domestic product (GDP), according to estimates by the World Bank. It uses so-called international dollars to make better comparisons among countries.1 The U.S. was second, with $20.5 trillion, or a 15.8% share. The European Union was in third place, contributing $19.9 trillion And once UK leaves, the EU will shrink by $2.9 trillion. But let's not let facts get in the way of a good soundbite.
  8. But makes it difficult for the elderly, infirm and those susceptible to CV19 to vote.... or they could become the dead ones voting. To sway a vote would require 10's of thousands of fabricated votes. If it were that easy, both sides could do it.
  9. If it is north of Worcester, Barry is probably best. If it is south of Worcester, I can help if you want.
  10. Hi Justin, Just got your message via thingiverse. Am uploading it now, should be able to find it at I'm not sure if it will work on an FDM machine, but hopefully it will give you something to work with.
  11. They say that about plastics at the moment. If devices are installed in all homes and businesses, then plastics and all waste becomes an energy source. (And based in Worcester too👍).
  12. Washington D.C. vs New York and Canberra vs Sydney. Seems like financial beats political in those instances. Although Washington D.C. is probably catching up with all the pressure groups and vested interests.
  13. Companies I have worked for use Ogle, always excellent quality, but that quality costs. Probably 4x what can be sourced from China, with 90% of the quality. You might like my latest print. Needed to stop my ER20 collets from rolling around in their drawer, and also an easy way to find out what size they are, so made one of these.
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