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  1. Might want to double check that spal fan. Looks like it is for a 24v system.
  2. Instead of leading with the increased investment from abroad due to the weaker pound with the added tax receipts, they go with a teacher doesn't buy a round anymore. And why is that particular couple of any significance to the country as a whole? As they are teachers living in London, I would imagine the majority of their earnings will be spent on living expenses, in pounds. So the only effect for them on a weak pound is when they take trips home to Spain, the same effect as for the rest of us travelling abroad.
  3. Surely the easiest way to remove Cersei is to send in Arya? Who needs an army when you have one of those to deploy.
  4. Yup, polycarbonate. No worries, happy to help
  5. They are made from: >PC< BAYER MAKROLON AL2647
  6. When I took my steering column shrouds off, I managed to knock the horn cable off (number 5 in picture below). Might be worth checking.
  7. And if it is for inflating tyres, these are the ones to get:
  8. I have missed this topic, but could do with a pair, and quite probably 2 pairs.
  9. @PAR Thank you for wanting to pay your taxes in this country, we are grateful for it. (assuming you do...) However, I would imagine that if our feckless government decided to change our tax regime you would move to another country as you have no vestige interest in the UK. (my assumption, not knowing your personal circumstance. I have left working abroad as it was no longer economically beneficial). I apologise if I am picking you out in this debate. Whilst I would be on the same side of the fence as @C8RKH, at times I do feel he is rather too vociferous in his condemnation of the remain camp. I would rather collect 10-20% through corporation tax of the £100 million the top 1% earn than go down the route of the 1970's Swedish government that taxed the top earners at 102 %. ( I imagine Astrid Lingren must have been a very nationalistic woman , as she chose to remain in Sweden. However, it isn't difficult as an individual to move to better ones personal situation, Especially in this day and age where communications and travel are so easy. Which is probably why a lot of the most expensive property in London is becoming foreign owned: Just set up a Limited company, Buy a property & claim it as your main residence. If you are that wealthy you are probably not spending more than 6 months in a single country and have income from more than one country. (The two main criteria for establishing where tax should be paid).Which is what businesses have been getting away with for years. A lot have set up headquarters in Luxembourg, (PayPal etc.) or Ireland (Dell, Apple etc) It would be nice if Brexit ever happens, that income earned in this country by conglomerates is taxed in this country, as opposed to the current situation. Apropos to nothing above, I don't know why there isn't an agreement between the member states that individuals would only receive the same benefit amounts that they would get in their own country. Surely as a Equal and Fair EU, our feckless and lazy should be able to move to anywhere else within the EU and catch up with their relatives on Jeremy Kyle on a similar standard of living? I'm not sure what my point is now, having waffled on for a while, but for full disclosure, I would probably have supported the 1975 referendum for joining the common market, but I did vote against the unstoppable power encroachment of the EU bureaucracy. Unfortunately, politicians are never going to propose a motion to reduce the power and influence they have on any aspect of our great and diverse continent, so I want out of this madness now before it is too late. We have more than enough levels of bureaucratic waste in our own country to not need another level of unelected politicians/ retirement home for war criminals (Blair). For me, the most indicative reason for voting out was during the run-up to the referendum, the remain camp could not/did not give a precis of the significant gains that the Eu commission had achieved whist being 'in power'.
  10. machine7


  11. machine7

    Esprit Registry

    Really glad it is going to be restored. Would not have liked to have had to type them all in again.
  12. I have got a pair of Jackpoint stands (, they are excellent for being able to lift and secure on an axle stand at the correct point. I was fortunate to be working alongside a P-car owner so was able to piggy-back onto a group-buy that they organised, but still think they were around the £280 mark.
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