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  1. Thanks Bibs, order for 2 placed.
  2. machine7


  3. machine7

    Esprit Registry

    Really glad it is going to be restored. Would not have liked to have had to type them all in again.
  4. I have got a pair of Jackpoint stands (, they are excellent for being able to lift and secure on an axle stand at the correct point. I was fortunate to be working alongside a P-car owner so was able to piggy-back onto a group-buy that they organised, but still think they were around the £280 mark.
  5. machine7

    Esprit Registry

    And that's it. All present... and possibly/mostly/maybe correct.
  6. machine7

    Esprit Registry

    I had the same message and inability to scroll and there was no vertical slider either. I just closed it, and re-opened it, and it was working again. I think I got the best page, page 34 or something. Tony K had just bought his 4th S1, so there was a whole page discussing it.
  7. machine7

    Esprit Registry

    Now complete to end of page 36... the end is in sight...
  8. I have no first-hand experience of it, but have you seen this stuff? Expensive at ~$1500 for the starter kit, and nearer $3000 for all the bells and whistles, but looks like it would make fault-finding a lot easier. And with your air-ride system, you can raise and lower the car from the key-fob...
  9. Just wondering, is anyone else seeing the deadline for the British GP this weekend at being in 17 days time? Might hold off on my prediction until sometime on Sunday afternoon...
  10. machine7

    Right then better start my '77 S1 project...

    Here's the MX5 wiring diagram: I am in no way an electrician. Releasing the magic smoke is more my style, but would the green wire, going to the dashboard module light a warning lamp if the motor was overloaded?
  11. machine7

    Elite air con parts

    Thanks John, I will certainly have them, but equally happy for anyone else to jump in first. Shall we give A N Other a week or 2 weeks to call dibs, before I arrange collection? Is it possible to get a weight and package size to give to the courier? //Angus
  12. machine7

    Elite air con parts

    If no-one else wants it, then I'll take them off your hands. However, as I haven't started disassembling the project, I don't even know if I would need them yet. Just seems such a waste for them to be dumped when it would only be a tenner for the postage.
  13. machine7

    Driving in Europe. Evora Insurance.

    When I took my Elise with me when I was working in Europe I used these people: Can't say whether they are any good in the event of a claim, but were the cheapest I could find at the time. (2007)
  14. Yes, that's the one. It is an Exige, but I do fit a soft-top during the warmer months. When cleaning the throttle body, feel the bore on the TPS side. This is where mine wore, but it probably doesn't happen as badly on the DBW version as the return spring doesn't need to be as strong.