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    carsten therkildsen
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    lotus 7 1966 ,lotus elise s1 1998 ,rolls royce 1968 bmw r 1200 gsa lc jawa 350 1981 audi a4 2,7 tdi 2007

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  1. cutvw

    hi bib

    hi my name i sCarsten Therkildsen i an a god frend an mekanic of Kim Poulsen 

    and i know your ar frends her 

    my problem is a have now workt 4 days on an elektrik problem  on a elise s1 from 98 i have convertet for left hand drive 

    the 1 problem var j aksedentliy  gave it + to - and -to +

    change the fuses it sems alt vork but the car vil not start  i can pres the botten for the alam it sems to vork the alam ligth deseaper ann hven i set eknition on the fuel pump start and stop but tit dossen start on the key  i bypas the kiy by totsing the relay the ingin start and die  i hav bypast the immobilyzer  dossent help 

    i an now on in tiers and nead help if it is somting you can help hvit i vil be glad or if you know someone ther can help 

  2. cutvw

    Yellow Evora

    :rolleyes:hi no it is a elise s1 ant the 2 on the pic is me in the black t-shert and mister kim pouelsen in blue wi ar at the time loking at my 1966 lotus 7
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