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  1. Hello All !! I hope every one is doing well. Well I have a new challenge and I wondered if any one else has encountered this problem. Just to refresh all on me and my situation : I have wanted a Lotus since I was a kid but as life would have it I had to wait till it became part of my bucket list, ( as in I am getting ready to kick the bucket so better do it NOW), so I was able to find a much ignored 1978 S1 with only a little over 8,000 miles on it that has been ignored and a dealer who was going out of business sold it to me very cheap, so I could actually afford it. Any way it came needing
  2. Hey Simon !!! Thank you for taking the time to respond and for the great idea !! I used to be able to sit down and come up with alternative plans for situations very easily but it seems especially of late that the idea well is dry. I do love the S1 as it is and hate to change it but it came up at a price I could afford as opposed to a later turbo and it seemed to be my one chance a Lotus so I went for it. It is reportedly in great condition with the exception of the interior which has some tears etc. mostly due to the fact that it was a California and then Gulf Coast car which sat in heat and
  3. Thank you Andy !!! Not only for the advice but also the welcome and kind offer of help. Yes I am in the States. Originally from here but have spent last 4-5 years in mission clinic in West Indies until getting stuck here with medical situation. But at least I get to see my sons. The points you bring up are the exact type of things I was concerned about and not having enough background, nor the time to develop it, I was afraid I would produce more problems than horse power. It definitely sounds like an engine swap would certainly be more reasonable. I will look for a complete swap out and sav
  4. I just want to note before I ask for opinions and recommendations, that it is really great what Lotus is doing for male cancer. It is ironic I guess that I have always wanted to have a Lotus and I had to wait until now when I am fulfilling my bucket list as I have terminal cancer. I know the purists will cringe at what I am about to ask but understand I am working with what I can on a limited budget and time table. Normally in my previous restorations of old MG's etc. I stick to stock. I recently purchased a 1978 Esprit with just over 8,000 miles on it in fact I have yet to see it as it is in
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